IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-09-21

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TimB_teK_: hello06:16
Romsterhi teK_ are you bumping llvma nd clang to 9.0.0 too?08:21
Romsterllvm and*08:21
Romsteralso your vlc needs some love for qt5, qt4 is removed now.08:22
frinnstwireshark didnt build for me, 3.0.5 that was released yesterday seems to work though09:29
frinnstbut I run a slightly different toolchain :)09:29
TimB_frinnst: what are you building with?09:31
frinnstnah, didnt build either09:31
frinnstnewer glibc and gcc09:31
TimB_do you mind sharing gcc? :) i assume 9?09:32
frinnstactually no, i run stock gcc09:33
TimB_i might want to set it up besides our current and try something09:33
frinnstglibc 2.3009:33
frinnstsry for the lie09:33
TimB_i am on glibc 2.30 as well for some time09:33
TimB_no worries :P09:33
frinnsthavent done much playing around this summer. all biking :)09:33
TimB_i should be able to get gcc9 myself, but yeah time/other stuff09:34
TimB_i envy you09:34
TimB_my fun bike doesn't even has air in the tires right now :(09:34
TimB_i would need to service my brakes, fork and drive chain before anything would work right09:34
frinnstfeels like i have hardly ridden the new bike09:35
frinnstgot it too late. sun sets so fast now so hard to ride after work09:36
frinnstalso no more summer weather09:36
TimB_it's so cold now, my airy fiveten shoes are not done for winter09:36
frinnsttoday is somewhat summer'y09:38
TimB_22°C looks okay, 19°C clear over here, but expecting a lot of rain over the weekend09:40
TimB_let's see if the weather frog spoketh the truth09:40
TimB_or something like that :P09:40
TimB_man, pulse is a mystery09:40
TimB_i am currently digging the my config to reduce latency09:40
TimB_seems like tsched module doesn't work with creative soundcards, had do disable that do get rid of "one core always runs on 100%" ~.~09:41
TimB_and whatever i do, which is supposed to lower the latency, adds more of it <.< wth09:41
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