IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-09-22

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TimB_teK_: hello =)06:38
TimB_frinnst, jaeger, jue: so, seems like i don't get a reply from teK_06:52
TimB_does it make sense to list ak repo? he just forked a bunch of stuff, now doesn't maintain any for it for over half a year: and
TimB_similiar question for bri, cbailey?07:47
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ryuojaeger: incidently i discovered star tech has their own enclosure with a similar feature to the iodd253120:33
ryuojaeger: but it's more limited than the iodd2531. it only supports virtual ISOs and only supports up to 3 preloaded ISOs.20:35
ryuoand there's no LCD screen to tell you what's going on; just some LEDs.20:35
ryuoso not only is it more expensive it also has less features.20:36
ryuotalk about not beign competitive.20:36
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jaegeryeah, that's a bit silly22:19
jaegerTimB_: I've considered making my portdb automatically hide repos that fail X number of times in a row22:20
jaegerthe official portdb actually does it immediately, just the way it's coded22:27

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