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chinarulezzzHi devs.04:55
chinarulezzzI noticed that the "ports" script has similar actions to prt-get.04:56
chinarulezzzIs someone using a 'ports' and not using prt-get?04:57
chinarulezzzI added 'sync' action to prt-get:
chinarulezzzThe patch most likely does not applied correct with the upstream version of prt-get because I have modified (restyled) version of prt-get. But, this is not a problem to fix.05:02
chinarulezzzIs anyone interested in this?05:04
chinarulezzzThen it would be possible to distribute ports-rsync and ports-git packages separately. And the user will be able to choose.05:05
chinarulezzzports-rsync: ports with rsync sources, ports-git: with git sources.05:06
chinarulezzzI think it will be useful.05:07
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frinnstjust curious, but why?07:37
chinarulezzzi dunno. just for fun, maybe)07:51
chinarulezzzfor example, on one machine I use ports-git as source (for development purposes), on the other only ports-rsync.07:51
chinarulezzzI think it would be convenient to choose during installation what type of repository to use, and get rid of one dependency (ports that duplicate (without rsync) prt-get functionality).07:53
chinarulezzz*without sync07:53
chinarulezzzI suppose it makes sense to use a 'ports' script when prt-get is not needed. Because (without sync) the 'ports' script duplicate the functionality of prt-get.08:02
chinarulezzzports --list == prt-get list, ports --diff == prt-get diff, ports -u --> prt-get sync.08:06
chinarulezzzTherefore, it is interesting to know if someone uses a 'ports' script and does not use prt-get. If no one, then why we need 'ports' script?08:10
chinarulezzzjust lets patch prt-get for sync :)08:14
chinarulezzzand instead of 'ports' we can distribute ports-git (who needs commits, changelogs, etc) and ports-rsync (for regular users/machine)08:17
chinarulezzzanyway, it's just propose. no hard feelings :)08:20
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TimB_so, with tek not really being around or responding: how about moving texlive to contrib and let me deal with it? i would also like to take care of lxc. objections?18:36
TimB_and some others maybe, dunno, flyspray is full of tasks tek doesn't take care of18:37
TimB_btw, i am not trying to act like a bitch, i just want to move forward with stuff, i hope you all as well?19:10
pedja_hpminididn't he push some stuff to opt a couple of days ago?19:23
TimB_pedja_hpmini: so?19:25
TimB_did he reply to anything? no.19:25
pedja_hpminiso it's not that he isn't active anymore19:25
TimB_right, just absent for months19:26
stenurHe changed from __ to _ about a week ago.19:27
TimB_and even so, why does vlc still depend on qt4 for example? it got deleted, it got discussed here. he obviously doesn't really follow anything happening here19:27
TimB_stenur: maybe if we wait another 6 months, the last _ will be gone as well and he will wake up? :)19:28
stenurMaybe a casualty in the family, or another loss.19:28
stenurI am new here. But people kill themselves or are out forever after weird things happen.19:29
TimB_whatever it is, i hope it's not that kind, but this is about the status of crux ports19:29
pedja_hpminior just busy at $WORK19:29
TimB_not about <personal stuff>19:29
stenurTimB_: yes, of course.19:29
stenurPostfix just had a update today.19:29
pedja_hpminilet's not go to dark places just yet :)19:29
stenurConcrete jungle.19:30
TimB_i mean, i did already bump libreoffice-bin, they move distfiles around when they have new versions like imagemagick19:32
TimB_nobody said a word - but i also don't think just going in and do that is the right thing to do19:33
TimB_i am asking the staff to make up their minds on that subject, please?19:34
pedja_hpministart a thread on the main or devel ml, perhaps?19:40
TimB_does that really make a difference?19:43
TimB_i mean, a) it's surely just an internal discussion b) everybody knows about it already, why write another mail about it?19:45
stenurThe best is likely having a readily prepared overlay in a public repo, and being ready for battle.19:47
TimB_stenur: I actually want to get rid of my overlay :P19:48
TimB_and i don't really want to battle?19:48
stenurI hate that war speech btw.  Fecal or war, that is all that comes in.19:48
TimB_isn't it just logical that stuff gets picked up when somebody else isn't around to do it?19:48
stenurTimB_: yep.19:48
stenurTimB_: my gut feeling would be yes. He is long standing and also the server administrator, no?19:49
stenurBut security updates or turning broken into something usable should be possible for people with commit access, i would say.19:50
TimB_i don't want to take away anything ;)19:50
stenurI all sides see it that relaxed way.  I am really out of this discussion now...19:51
stenurTimB_: ?19:52
TimB_i am not sure i fully understand your last sentence :)19:52
TimB_you mean it positive or negative?19:53
stenurI have seen wars starting if people come into the territory of others.19:53
stenurIn my opinion, if you have commit bit for X, then if the maintainer for X/Y does not respond for some time, at least security update or broken->working should be possible.19:54
TimB_Ok, i think i get it19:56
TimB_i agree.19:56
stenurIn FreeBSD there is the file MAINTAINING for example. With subsystem/login/notes fields.19:57
stenurThere you see "Pre-commit review requested.", or " Pre-commit review requested, email only."19:58
TimB_maybe thats too complicated for KISS? i dunno19:59
stenurThere is also "Pre-commit review preferred.", and some more fine-tuning.19:59
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jaegerI definitely would prefer active maintainers to be just that: active. That would include responding to emails or being on IRC... Doesn't even have to be 24/723:08
jaegerIt doesn't seem like too much to ask23:09
ryuojaeger: then what would we do about people like tek_?23:11
ryuoseemingly will still modify ports but almost never responds to inquiries.23:12
jaegerI suppose ask him to step back in actively or let someone take over his ports. He did recently respond to an email from frinnst on the subject and has been updating but definitely seems selective about to whom he'll respond23:12

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