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TimB_jaeger: lol, ok. my favorite is
TimB_open since 201706:22
TimB_jaeger: and was that an objection to me updating lxc, filezilla, whatever that he ignores but leaves his nametag on?06:29
TimB_or is this considered hostile and i will be shot?06:29
TimB_so, i shouldn't write to irc after getting up and before my first coffee.. i have missed the first part you wrote. is there anything other maintainers should know about what he said? or is it all private?07:11
TimB_ correct me if i'm wrong. but that's the kind of mail you can just reply with "no/yes"07:22
frinnstjust that he has been busy with work but things have started to calm down. he now has a 3.5 environment etc07:51
TimB_well, that's good news really.07:53
frinnstHope you don't mind me quoting your email teK_07:56
frinnstAlso yesterday I started updating my ports, during the next days I will also take care of the open issues in flyspray.07:56
frinnstMy bad conscience intensifies with every port that *already* was updated by you guys.07:57
frinnstThank you for that.07:57
TimB_ok, thanks for sharing! i am happy it isn't anything bad but actually 'just' work related, that's what i thought anyway07:57
frinnstyou might understand that article a lot better than me :)07:58
TimB_yeah i will go over it later :) but sounds like he is busy in a good way07:59
TimB_ah well, sorry for still being a little bit of a bitch about it. hope you guys can forgive me, it wasn't in any ill intent08:00
frinnstno worries and didnt think so either way08:00
frinnstcrux is an odd one. It's not a crazy serious project yet we all want it to work as good as it can08:01
frinnstim still trying to figure it out :)08:01
TimB_i agree.
frinnstand very conservative and yet very up to date08:02
TimB_nom nom -- i need to get going! thanks for clearing the situation! i'll be back later08:02
frinnst(usually atleast)08:02
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RomsterHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden10:06
Romsteroh nevermind i'll take the liberty to bump this one10:17
Romsteri built everything in core opt xorg compat-32 and now reviewing it10:34
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dlcusafrinnst, I for one think CRUX should be a crazy serious project but it has to win a lot more mindshare to get there.15:12
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frinnstit would require a shitton of work. dont think anyone of us has that to spare15:20
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pedja_hpminiwhat does 'crazy serious project' mean?15:33
pedja_hpminiserious in what way?15:34
pedja_hpminimore developers, infrastructure, ci/cd pipelines?15:35
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stenurThanks for sharing. Hey.  Cool Siemens employees work against spying and attacks, instead of selling nuclear secrets.15:49
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