IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-09-27

jaegergetting this building mesa3d currently:
jaegeranyone else?02:37
jaegergoing to test in a container as well02:37
jaegeryeah, happens in a clean container, too. I'll try to dig into it tomorrow03:59
frinnstbuilt for me. odd06:33
frinnstnot 100% up to date tho06:33
frinnstxorg-libxvmc was updated yesterday06:34
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juejaeger: got the same, it's related to the libxvmc update, they removed xv from the pkgconfig file which breaks mesa08:19
jueI'll revert the update, doesn't hurt because there are no functional changes08:20
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frinnst19.2 was released the other day btw09:15
frinnsthavent played with it yet09:15
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jaegerOK, fair enough13:34
juenp, thanks for the report :)13:51
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