IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-10-03

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Romstersorry i've been quiet works been hell (it still is) and my compile box decided to break.09:11
frinnstfun times09:22
Romsterugh and i think daylight savings starts next week too...09:27
frinnstworlds dumbest idea09:29
Romstertell me about it..09:29
frinnstare you guys using northern hemisphere daylight savings or are you doing it 'proper' buy turning the clock forwards?09:45
jueI trust on chrony :)10:40
juefrinnst: by chance I saw new versions of nspr, nss and adwaita-icon-theme10:57
frinnstsilly ck4up10:57
Romsterproperly lol12:06
Romsteri jsut rely on my pc to do it for me.12:06
Romsterexcept my alarm clock i have to put forward an hour12:06
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frinnstare we adding optional deps to the dependency list now?12:16
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frinnstiirc llvm doesnt depend on libxml2 either12:47
frinnstgod damn pam configuration13:08
frinnstwhy doesnt login work with my lxdm config, yet usual console login works?13:08
frinnstmaybe I should read through the manual13:09
teK_frinnst: llvm/clang 9.0 are out, do you want to test with mesa before I push those updates? Rebuilding mesa3d after revdep fails atm13:29
frinnstoh yeah might need to hold off then13:30
teK_I dont remember what broke when we went 7->8 (?) though. Wont a rebuild fix things? (half way through compilation)13:31
frinnstdo you have a pkgfile for llvm?13:31
teK_or a diff, even ;-)13:32
teK_ /
teK_rebuild went through just fine. glxgears is working fine after restarting X13:36
frinnstwhy the fuck do I get authentication failure when the nps server "granted access to a user"?13:58
frinnstsilly pam13:58
frinnstand guess its hard to get any meaningful logging on the client side without running a radius server13:59
frinnstahh there we go14:00
frinnstlogging on via "logon" works, yet via lxdm our 2fa nps plugin rejects it14:27
frinnstlxdm must do something odd14:27
TimB_teK_: any chance that you are still around?16:59
stenurDaylight saving seems to make people conscious of daylight even after hundred years. :-) Sorry.17:06
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