IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-10-14

frinnstbtw I never did anything regarding the logs yesterday. I had to get going06:24
frinnsti'll look at it later tonight if i have some time/energy06:24
frinnsti mean i removed ~15gb's worth but never set up any type of rotation06:25
jueRomster: updates for gnutls, libtasn1, p11-kit, meson, fribidi, glib-networking and gobject-introspection are available10:27
jueI saw this by scrolling through
juethere might be others as well, I looked only on stuff I've installed10:28
Romsteryeah i havne't got to those yet jue10:34
Romsteranything in particular in urgent need of a bump?10:34
jueno, not for me10:37
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stenurHaving FreeBSD's newsyslog(8) rotator would be really great. Maybe i find some time in November, can port it and create a port. Something like this is really, really missing.19:47
stenurIncluding manuals it is <100KB (in BSD environment), and you never want to miss it again once you have used it.19:52
stenurIt also supports a ".d"-style directory where ports could place stuff automatically.19:52
frinnstadded the apache logs to rotaten20:23
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