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Romster CVE-2019-14287 Sudo 1.8.28 has been today, October 14th, 2019 which includes a fix09:36
Romsterfor the following security-related issue which has been assigned09:36
RomsterCVE-2019-14287.  The information below is also available at09:36
jueI'm on it09:38
ryuoRomster: excelsior was already patched.09:40
ryuonot that I think we needed it.09:40
Romsteronly us that has root already09:40
ryuoand afaik it only cropped up under non-default configurations.09:40
Romsteri think the really rare case of wehre sudo is set to let a user run some specific command09:41
ryuomakes me think setuid might be a better idea.09:41
ryuoa basic feature to run a program as a specific user regardless of who runs it09:42
frinnstuntil you update said program09:42
Romsterbecause bugger selinux ugh09:43
ryuoRomster: Access denied. You are not authorized to fart.09:43
frinnstif sudo were to disappear lots of web developers would freak out09:43
frinnstthose that run sudo in front of everything09:43
frinnst"sudo ./"09:44
ryuoi don't like to install anything that requires root these days and can't just use the user directory.09:44
Romsteri don't like installing anything with out making a Pkgfile for it09:45
Romsternot like they are hard to throw one together09:46
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Romsteris it just me or the sudo download is super slow10:27
Romsterwouldn't surprise me it's prob ably being hammered currently10:28
Romster# prt-get fsearch Xvlib.h10:35
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-libxv:10:35
Romster  /usr/include/X11/extensions/Xvlib.h10:35
Romsterwhy did you remove that dependency?10:35
Romsterrevdep reports no breakage10:35
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frinnstworks for me11:08
juebecause it's not needed, they removed xv from xvmc.pc but forget to remove the test for it from configure, thus libxvmc get linked against libxv, which is useless12:00
juethere's a comment in the Pkgfile12:00
jueAh I see, we still have a build-time dep to libxv, no problem for a regular install but building in a clean environment will break12:29
juejaeger: have you seen ticket 1774?12:50
jaegerI hadn't yet but I see it now. Will build the new one today and check out the mesa3d conflict13:43
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jaegerjue: ok, updating libglvnd to 1.2.0 and removing the duplicate headers from mesa3d works fine for me, haven't found any problems yet19:37
jaegerIt's not the cleanest thing to remove them but I assume they will be removed from mesa3d upstream in the near future19:52
jaegerThis is what I did, though if someone wants to make it more elegant, feel free:20:56
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pedja_hpminiif i am reading the spec files correctly, opensuse is doing the opposite21:07
pedja_hpmininot shipping headers with libglvnd21:08
pedja_hpminibut I still haven't wrapped my head around how rpm packaging works, so who knows :)21:10
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