IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-10-19

jaegerRomster: contrib/partclone could use a bump, here's a diff for convenience:
jaegerJust the version and source URL changed00:59
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jaegerjue, frinnst: any objection to me applying these fixes to xorg-server for the libglvnd GL API version change? and
jaegeras it is it won't build properly15:04
pedjawell, you can patch glvnd to lie until upstream merges that :)15:28
jaegerI could but I feel like the other direction makes more sense15:29
jaegersince libglvnd is the "proper" future way15:29
juejaeger: of course not, go for it16:30
jaegerjust spent some time testing it, no issues so far17:07
jaegerok, cool17:07
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