IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-10-28

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Romsteri can't figure this out using libglvd 1.1.1 everything just works.11:38
Romstervarious patches and commits in libglvnd does not work.11:38
Romster1.2.0 seems to broken11:40
Romsteralso libva is needed in mesa3d for else we may as well remove llvm as libva and llvm are both needed for those to be there.11:41
jaegerYeah, the header swaps in libglvnd and mesa3d have been handled poorly upstream13:29
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j_vTimB_: wtf?13:53
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jaegertesting a fix for libglvnd and xorg-server14:24
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jaegerLooks like my local fixes work... anyone want to test them first or should I push?15:58
TimB_j_v: ?16:22
TimB_oh shit, john.. i didn't notice you overtook some, hopefully not all, of alexander savcas ports <.< sorry man!16:26
jaegergoing to go ahead and push the libglvnd fix, can always revert later if it makes anything worse18:43
Romsterah i did that patch but i failed to also try eglplatform.h21:40
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