IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-11-07

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stenurHas anyone ever considered adding a file /etc/os-release?  No effort and a thing i look at.13:46
stenursystemd, but allows eg SYSNAME=`sed '/^ID=/b print;d;:print s/ID=//' /etc/os-release 2>/dev/null`13:48
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frinnststenur: nope. what would be the point?20:44
stenurfrinnst: well, for my .profile it is automatic identification, along with the hostname that comes from kernel command line.21:17
stenurfrinnst: there is software which looks at it, too.  I think Chrome did look at that file?21:18
stenurfrinnst: in the end it is a Linux standard that most distros seem to adhere to.21:19
stenurJust like changing the paths, i.e., /bin -> /usr/bin and such.21:19
stenuros-release in particular was nice to have an automatic distro-provided switch.21:21
stenur(Though on AlpineLinux i once opened a bug report iirc because due to git mess the real and the reported version started to differ.)21:21
stenurIt is an egoistic feature request, my ~/.profile grumbles if it is not there (and i did not provide a homebrew default).21:23
pedjaiirc, I added os-release myself when I was using Crux21:25
jaegerI used one in the past... I think it was for Kodi. I have no strong preference, it didn't get in the way at all21:25
pedjano particular reason, just made ansible output a little nicer :)21:26
pedjaand some other software that checks for its presence21:26
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