IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-11-14

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Romsterhmm do we stay on python3 3.7.4 or move up to 3.8.0? or even wait for 3.8.1 or keep on 3.7.x branch until the next crux release?09:04
Romstermake that 3.7.x or move to 3.8.x09:04
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frinnstwe need to default to python3 anyhow13:28
frinnstrunning that setup locally to test. some stuff needs patching but nothing major so far13:28
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frinnstswitching minor versions would best be handled like with perl i think (new crux release)16:09
pedjaupstream goes for October-ish release, starting with 3.9, fwiw16:22
pedjastretching the cycle, so the next version gets at least one bugfix release before switching to it?16:31
pedjagives time for dependent modules to catch up, too16:32
pedjapyqt thingie, for instance16:32
pedjahaving the latest and greatest day after release makes no sense if it breaks shit *cough*arch*cough*16:35
ryuopedja: didn't you know? arch is into the window fallacy.16:43
pedja'window fallacy'?16:44
pedjaonly thing I can find on RationalWiki is 'broken window fallacy', which is new for me, so thanks :)16:48
pedjaRomster, you far away from those fires down under, I hope?16:54
ryuopedja: yea that's it.16:54
pedja"destruction brings prosperity...somehow".16:56
ryuobushfires in australia... wild fires in california...16:59
ryuoseems like lots of areas are burning right now.16:59
pedjaJoker's been busy :)16:59
pedjawell, he wants to *watch* the world burn, not sure about actually setting it on fire himself17:02
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