IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-11-20

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teK_frinnst: was there a structural issue for letsencrypt not renewing, that I need to look at?18:09
teK_the cronjob should run just fine18:09
frinnstindeed. not sure and I dont get the cron emails18:26
frinnsti just ran the command manually and it just worked18:26
teK_Ok. Let me look into this tonight. Had this before and it was fixed by running it manually once, too :)18:34
teK_same script did not break for in this timeframe18:35
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teK_frinnst: hm... looks ok, will enable sending mail for output of this for the time being. Should not become an issue before February anyway23:27
teK_which our crond doesnt support :<23:31

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