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jaegerit supports mailing output, just not MAILTO=05:00
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frinnstyeah its sent to root. not sure who gets those mails09:35
frinnstah nobody it seems10:41
frinnstadded myself to root's forward10:42
Romster$ git fetch12:20
Romsterssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out12:20
Romsteris it just me?12:20
Romster3rd time it works12:21
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pedjamaybe git repos are on some another ssh port, and that one is throttled?12:40
pedjaACTION check ssh config12:42
pedjayup, that could be it. unless things changed from the last time I pushed/pulled from contrib.12:43
pedjadown under is faaaar away, so that could be the reason too :)12:45
pedjasometimes I wish crux switched to instead of irc. edit, delete, color emojis12:47
TimB_is this another electron based client?12:53
pedjayet another fancy and modern irc replacement :)12:55
TimB_i dunno if that would help anything..12:56
pedjaand yes, the official desktop client is electron-based12:56
pedjablender moved to it from irc several months back (
TimB_i am currently trying to rework my zotero port, which also depends on npm (zotero itself is an old firefox release...). they way it is it doesn't work with fakeroot, which lies in the nature of npm not liking being run as root at all.. so if anybody got any good clues.. i came to hate it very much12:58
TimB_npm based stuff12:58
pedjahm, I had a port for npm based Go (the game) alphazero GUI12:59
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pedjaTimB_, what's the issue?13:00
TimB_it tries to write to /root13:00
pedjaah, the npm cache thing?13:00
TimB_i already tried setting all kinds of different folders to be inside of either $PKG or $SRC.. it even fails to write there13:01
pedjaiirc, there is a switch you can pass to it not to do it13:01
TimB_ -g i think13:01
TimB_doesn't work, really13:01
TimB_it's also one of those lovely projects that expect you to build from a git controlled folder13:03
TimB_i am about to give up and write a zotero-bin soon. this crap isn't worth it13:04
pedjaafter looking at zotero-git arch package, I agree :)13:08
TimB_it really is firefox 52... :/13:10
TimB_even offers the same sync crap, that you can't host yourself without being creative..13:10
pedjaah, they sell storage13:16
stenurfwiw, i just see FreeBSD committed /etc/os-release as r354922, stating "Linux, Solaris and DragonFly all implement this natively as well".13:21
stenur(With an osrelease_enable="YES" in rc.conf.)13:22
pedjaif that happens to be added to crux, who gets to choose the code name :) ?13:37
pedjasomething epic, like 'Jade Moose'13:38
stenurice scraper13:41
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stenur'Just found it interesting, was comitted yesterday evening, 23.45 UTC.13:47
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pedjaother then ansible, I don't know of any other software that's using it, tbh14:06
jaegerkodi used it in the past, doesn't seem to require it anymore14:49
jaegerWell, I suppose it wasn't ever a strict requirement, it just broke some feature, not the entire application14:49
frinnstRomster: port22 is throttled, yes14:50
frinnsttoo many connections and it stops dropping new ones14:50
frinnstnot controlled by us14:51
frinnstalways was the case. you can use port 222214:51
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stenurwell ok, won't mention it anymore.  Just saw the commit fly by.18:19
TimB_stenur: i wouldn't disagree on having that file provided by default. it wouldn't hurt, most likely19:49
stenurTimB_: pedja is right when he says that _this_ os-release is maybe as good as none. Also just looked, i was mistaken, chrome looks at /etc/machine-id, not os-release.20:02
stenurNonetheless, i use it since some years, and if i do "apropos crux" i get the package not even /usr/bin/crux.20:05
stenurAnd /usr/bin/crux could simply be some sed or what on /etc/os-release, too.  I would provide it.20:06
TimB_well, i just think that some apps might look for it might be happy to find it.. why not. other apps won't care. and we are talking about some lines of strings - why not, right?20:07
stenur(I would do some other things as well. Update signify and rdate with a different upstream, for example.)20:07
stenurYeah, i think that file is one of the good things that systemd brought. Standardized file location across several OSs, though the URLs are all optional i think.20:09
pedjamost of the fields are optional20:12
pedjaonly NAME is required, afaict20:14
stenurYep. FreeBSD even did CPE (, unknown to me until today.20:14
stenurI have that FreeBSD commit in the tmux history, the committed man page implies NAME, VERSION, VERSION_ID, PRETTY_NAME (for user, may version info), and .. CPE.20:16
stenur.. and ID.  For CRUX most of these are identical i'd say.20:17
stenurWhatever creates /usr/bin/crux could do that instead.20:18
pedjaCPE is for SCAP compliance thingie, I think20:19
stenuryes yes, that thingie :)20:19
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frinnstuser 'mirrorbits': directory '/home/mirrorbits' does not exist22:01
frinnstACTION slaps tek or jaeger22:01
teK_that's me22:40
teK_what's the matter22:40
jaegerI don't know what mirrorbits is23:03
jaegerThough I suppose it's something for mirroring stuff :)23:04
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