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frinnstteK_: the homedir didnt exist. changed it to /var/empty to shut pwck up08:40
prologicAnyone used ed seriously in the past?09:02
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TimB_prologic: i did look at it some weeks ago, not your port though. It is the standard editor after all, right? :P13:35
TimB_general question: is there any reason for openssh not to build with pam support anymore?13:35
pedjanot to build as in fails to build or?13:41
TimB_no, it doesn't fail. it works fine, i put it in my overlay and created a file in /etc/pam.d13:41
TimB_//var/log/auth reports it's using pam, as soon as you enable it in the sshd_config13:42
jueit was never build with pam enabled13:48
TimB_right, because pam wasn't in core before.13:48
TimB_now that it is though.. right?13:49
juewell, we probably forgot to add pam13:52
juepatch welcome13:53
pedjaah, right, I was using jaeger's pam-enabled openssh port :)13:53
pedjabefore linux-pam was merged13:53
pedjaI thought that was merged too. guess not.13:56
jueTimB_: thanks14:01
TimB_i renamed sshd to sshd.rc to make them both declare themselves by name, added the typicial skeleton-file for pam and added --with-pam to enable it. and i forgot to list linux-pam as a new dep, so:
TimB_line 2 of sshd.pam also contains a false reference to "sudo service module configuration" O:)14:02
juewill fix that and raise release to 214:14
TimB_cool, thx14:37
jaegerCould have sworn openssh was built with PAM but if I forgot it, sorry14:38
TimB_i just realized that the diff is the wrong way around... lol14:38
jaegerI know it was during my testing14:38
TimB_jaeger: didn't keep track, i just spotted an error in /var/log/auth on some machine and found that ssh was lacking pam. Since I used your pam-overlay on 3.4 on that machine, this makes sense. no big issue either, I think. I was just considering that it was disabled by choice, and wondered if there might be any reasons for that14:40
juecommitted, I've added a sed to enable PAM in sshd_config14:43
frinnst"oops" :D14:50
jaegerwell, the overlay ports DO have PAM-enabled openssh in them :D15:05
jaegeror do you mean you didn't spot it before because of that?15:05
TimB_jaeger: i didn't spot it before and didn't really spend a second thought about it :D15:09
TimB_i mean, it falls back to the default method, so there is not such a big oopsie i suppose :P15:10
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