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ryuoand it's still readable by humans more or less.00:45
ryuothis one mostly preserves the same style as the existing one, though incompatible.00:45
ryuoif people are OK with it, i'll start planning for it as a long term replacement. obviously the old one will remain for awhile until we're sure we've replaced the old tools still bound to the old format.00:47
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juefrinnst: what do you mean by "defaulting to python3"? An ISO without python on it, only with python3?10:07
pedjaI understood it meant python3 as a default, system '/usr/bin/python'?10:19
pedjawith python2 available in the ports10:20
pedjadoes anything from opt still require python2?10:21
jueno, that's not a good idea10:31
juejust looked at the two xorg ports that depends on python, both can use python3 as well, and both can be forced to use python3 even if python is installed10:33
juethe arch way to sysmlink python3 to python is just a big mess10:34
pedjaso no python symlink, and fixing stubborn stuff to explicitly use whichever they need?10:40
pedjaor just not shipping python2 at all?10:41
pedjaand suggesting people use miniconda if they need it :)10:43
juewell, in first step I'd try to force the ports to use python3 because you have to expect that people have python installed10:44
jueand we should avoid footprint errors10:45
pedjaiirc, fedora is nuking all the py2 modules, leaving just the base python210:55
juehere's a typical autotools output (from grub2) ->
pedjaso it looks for python3 explicitly? nice11:08
jueyep, that's the norm11:10
juehere's an example how to force the use of python3 ->
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jueTimB_: or still14:26
jue for f in $(grep -lrs /usr/lib); do pkginfo -o $f | awk '!/^Package/ {print $1}'; done | sort -u14:26
TimB_jue: i forgot to save yours, mine is still in my .zshrc O:)14:27
frinnstIm running a python -> python3 symlink. works well so far14:30
frinnstbut granted, my usage is pretty limited14:30
frinnstpretty much all ports that depend on python can switch to use python3 without troubles. maybe a few holdouts but thats about it14:31
TimB_jue: i corrected that now ;) your version is much cleaner14:31
juefrinnst: I'm against the symlink because some/many ports definitely need a python2.x, spidermonkey as an example14:36
jueand, as the grub example shows, most/all newer ports can deal with a python3 binary14:38
TimB_tnut: hey14:52
juefrinnst: btw, do you remember why we've added python3 to our ISO14:52
TimB_jue: your version gives me back "pkginfo: " one time, fwiw14:52
TimB_doesn't matter too much, but just curious if it happens for you as well?14:53
pedjajue, isn't python3 required by meson?14:54
TimB_weird :)14:54
juepedja: yeah, right14:54
juepedja: thanks :)14:56
jueTimB_: that's the output of pkginfo if no owner can be found14:58
jue$:~> pkginfo -o asdasd14:58
juepkginfo: no owner(s) found14:59
jueawk '!/^(Package|Pkginfo)/ {print $1}' <- should fix that14:59
TimB_might be it :)15:00
TimB_jue: can confirm15:03
TimB_yeah i have one or two packages which are not listed in any of my prtdirs15:03
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frinnstjue, I dont even remember yesterday :D16:47
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