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Romsterevening then quits :D10:04
Romsteryou don't remember yesterday where you broke stuff with libffi frinnst :D10:05
Romsteri've held off on libffi still10:06
Romsterworks been to busy and i haven't looked at glslang yet10:06
frinnstsure I do. I sent out a big fat warning too10:14
crash_yeah i noticed that warning :)12:01
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ryuojaeger: thoughts on the proposed DB format? it seems the easiest way to extend the existing one.19:04
ryuothough i'd need to use a new name for it.19:05
ryuosomething like dbe or something.19:05
ryuodata base extended19:05
pedjadbng :)19:05
ryuoi was thinking of making this a hybrid of the debian approach and crux approach/19:06
ryuodebian's approach allows a lot of flexibility so that's probably why it's still in use 20 years later.19:06
pedjadebian packaging looks weird to me, tbh :)19:07
pedjanever actually *used* IT, thou, so19:08
pedjaplan to add metadata, too?19:09
pedjaI know json is the new coolness, but how about yaml? looks more readable/easier to use to me19:11
jaegerI don't have a strong feeling about it. IT would be easy to use19:14
pedjaafaik, when AWS CloudFormation added yaml support, there was much rejoicing :)19:21
pedjajaeger, plan to buy some new toys on Black Friday?19:25
pedjahere, most of the BF-like deals are kind of crap, so people will go abroad :)19:27
pedjaand local customs are well prepared to take their share...19:28
pedjasorry, OT19:29
ryuojaeger: ok. i'll give it a try at some point.19:30
ryuopedja: well, i'm trying to keep from adding a ton of dependencies to pkgutils.19:30
ryuothe DB is mostly automatically generated.19:31
pedjafrom the contents of Pkgfile or some new .metadata file?19:32
ryuopedja: neither. all the metadata is extracted from the package's file name and contents.19:34
pedjaah, OK19:34
ryuoi'm proposing to expand what the db can hold for now.19:34
ryuoand worry about adding to it later.19:34
ryuonamed fields makes it possible to extend it indefinitely.19:35
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ryuocurrently they're purely positional so expanding is pretty much impossible.19:35
pedjaMVP first, in modern talk :)19:35
ryuoi was considering adding some extra fields to it that are free, mostly install times and such.19:36
ryuothat can be provied by calls to the system clock.19:36
ryuoindeed. i have a pretty good idea of what i'm going to do now.19:37
ryuoi'm planning to stop using printf when i can afford to do so. the overhead of using it in performance critical areas is high.19:38
pedjacan reverse deps be inferred that way? from the generated metadata?19:45
pedjaI know there is revdep, obviously19:47
pedjabut that always looked to me as a brute-force approach, out of necessity.19:49
ryuopedja: not really? revdep is only for finding missing libraries.20:40
jaegerpedja: no plans to. I just got a new desk and usually black friday sucks for PC stuff21:10
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