IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-12-08

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Romsterjue, mod_php is missing libpcre2 as a dependency13:54
Romsterchecking for PCRE2 10.30 or greater... configure: error: PCRE2 version 10.30 or later is required to compile php with PCRE2 support13:54
jueah, thanks, will add13:55
Romsteri'm just going though the ports that didn't compile and fixing what i can.13:56
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TimB_just in case, i'll be on vacation starting tomorrow until the end of KW51. I'll still be around, but might be slower to respond19:48
TimB_kw == calendar week19:48
jaegerenjoy your vacation20:15
TimB_jaeger: ty :)20:16
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