IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-12-11

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Romsterthat's nasty10:50
jueyep, we should update soon ;)10:56
jueteK_: I'll take the liberty to update opt/git now10:58
Romsteri've been bumping and fixing tek's stuff, hope he doesn't mind that.11:01
frinnstfun times11:02
Romsteri couldn't imagine if github or got hit again...11:02
frinnstbtw jue, you weren't a fan of replacing /usr/bin/python with python3 i understand? fair enough11:03
Romsterjsut updated my bog witht he new git before jue pushed it.11:03
frinnstjust wonder what will happen when python2 finally dies in a few weeks time (well, no more updates etc). no /usr/bin/python at all?11:04
Romsteri think the arch way isn't what python wanted. code should update to use python3 so that python can be depreciated11:04
frinnsti've already begun to remove it from my machines11:04
Romsteri have stuff that doesn't use python3 yet11:04
frinnstwhat about scripts that shebangs with "python"? guess it will be like when debian/ubuntu replaced bash with dash for sh11:05
frinnsta *lot* of stuff can be switched to python311:06
Romsterthey should used python3 for the shebang11:06
frinnstsome stuff like letsencrypt requires a "use python 3" variable11:06
Romsteryeah i will need to spend more time on it, as if i got all the time in the world.11:06
Romsterit should all default to python311:07
frinnstI can help if you like.11:07
frinnstcurrently only youtube-dl fails to cleanly update for me (except for footprints that is)11:07
Romsteri guess, see how many things can use python311:07
juefrinnst: indeed, python should point to python2 or nothing, python3 is what scripts should use actually11:43
juesome days ago I've updated two xorg ports to use python311:46
juethe same with xorg-xcb-proto11:47
juebtw, ninja builds fine with python3 too11:51
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frinnstyep I run it with py3 locally. Just was worried about switching dep. Thats why I was playing around with a new minor release to deal with all that13:07
frinnstthe idea of*13:07
jueIMO switching from python to python3 should not be a issues at all, I guess most people have python3 installed anyway because it's part of our ISO since meson and therefor glib etc. depends on it13:42
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frinnstfair enough14:40
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jaegerMaybe we should just go ahead and upgrade from 3.3, doesn't seem likely Charlie will ever have time for the ipmi setup15:12
jaegerer, 3.415:13
jaegerbrain and fingers are out of sync today15:13
frinnstyeah it should be pretty safe15:27
pedjafamous last words[tm] :)16:09
pedjaDC is in Kalmar, right?16:12
jaegerThere's always some risk, sure... but we've done it in the past16:12
pedjaand, in the worst case, frinnst has to do a road trip :)16:16
pedjas/do/go on/16:17
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frinnstyeah. boring road to kalmar. thats the major downside :-)22:18
frinnststraight fucking line with nothing to look at22:18
frinnstI have next week off, might be a good time to do it23:19
jaegerwell, if you decide to do that, let me know if you want me to help prepare anything in advance23:35

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