IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-12-13

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frinnstanyone played around with mesa 19.3 yet? 19.3.0 was released yesterday08:38
frinnstthe Clear Linux team reported that some EGL header changes08:39
frinnstbroke building some packages. Those have been reverted for the final release.08:39
juefrinnst: not yet, but will try 19.3 later11:17
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frinnstsame here. last day at work for the year \o/12:03
frinnst"julbord" tonight so nothing will get done until sunday :D12:03
juewow, looks nice, I'm getting hungry :)12:07
TimB_exim is out and they deleted, so the source is unavailable12:11
TimB_frinnst: have fun :D12:11
frinnstyeah noticed that too12:13
juethanks, fixed now12:22
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