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frinnstmysql-python is installed on anyone know what uses it?09:11
frinnstupgrading to 3.509:18
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frinnstwell the mail still works :-)10:25
frinnst*afk* while the sysup runs10:26
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RomsterConnection closed by port 222213:17
Romsterfatal: Could not read from remote repository.13:17
RomsterPlease make sure you have the correct access rights13:17
Romsterand the repository exists.13:17
Romsteri am guessing it's broken until frinnst is done sysup-ing13:18
frinnsttry now13:26
frinnstah right, 222213:26
frinnstyeah that one is probably still broken13:26
frinnstshould be good now13:29
Romsterthat fixed it13:31
frinnstwonder if anything will break with php 7.313:35
frinnstwe ran 7.2 previously13:35
Romsterrsync is not running for ports -u ?13:35
Romsterdunno maybe a ton of plugins the site works on?13:36
frinnstfixed, cheers13:36
frinnstmost services still run linked with old openssl13:36
Romsterprobably cruxbot too then13:37
Romsteryep that works13:37
frinnstjust a couple of packages left and a few revdep rebuilds13:38
frinnstsloooow cpus13:38
Romsteri'm gonna sysup my desktop and get to bed getting close to 1am13:38
Romsteri can imagine13:38
frinnstModel name:                      Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5320  @ 1.86GHz13:38
frinnst2x4 cores13:38
pedjadamn, what a beast of the cpu :)13:39
Romsterthat's like a i7-920 first gen13:39
Romsterhow many cpu bugs does that have? to old to have meltdown? :D13:40
pedja'cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/meltdown' 'Not affected'13:44
pedjaatom ftw, I guess13:44
Romsteryeah also very slow13:45
Romsterbut good for power saving13:45
pedjanot really relevant here, since the battery is long dead, so it's on ac all the time :)13:46
pedjacharger thingie13:46
frinnstVulnerability Meltdown:          Mitigation; PTI13:48
frinnstVulnerability Spec store bypass: Vulnerable13:48
frinnstVulnerability Spectre v1:        Mitigation; __user pointer sanitization13:48
frinnstVulnerability Spectre v2:        Vulnerable: Minimal generic ASM retpoline13:48
frinnstalso old kernel13:49
Romsteryeah new kernel should help13:49
frinnstso same vulns as the lastest xeon13:49
Romsterintel really fucked up bad13:49
pedjathey'll back. eventually.13:51
Romsterwell amd has a few flaws to but intel takes the cake13:52
frinnstVulnerability Spec store bypass: Mitigation; Speculative Store Bypass disabled via prctl and seccomp13:52
frinnstVulnerability Spectre v1:        Mitigation; usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization13:52
frinnstVulnerability Spectre v2:        Mitigation; Full AMD retpoline, IBPB conditional, STIBP disabled, RSB filling13:53
frinnstthats what lscpu tells me on this ryzen 1gen13:53
pedjawhat, no 3950 for christmas? :)13:54
RomsterVulnerability Spectre v1:        Mitigation; usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user p13:54
Romster                                 ointer sanitization13:54
RomsterVulnerability Spectre v2:        Mitigation; Full AMD retpoline, STIBP disabled, R13:54
Romster                                 SB filling13:54
RomsterVulnerability Tsx async abort:   Not affected13:54
frinnstwebsite still works. php upgraded and restarted13:54
Romsteron my phenom II 96513:54
frinnstjaeger: hefur seems to not want to build13:56
frinnstCMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:27 (add_subdirectory)13:57
pedjawhat's the flag for lscpu to show that13:59
pedjamitigations/vuln info14:00
frinnstah seems like you need to manually checkout some submodules14:01
frinnstI think that's it. needs a reboot and a new kernel (built but not installed)14:06
frinnstalso hefur gives me troubles and i'll be afk for a while14:06
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jaegerI remember hefur being a pain in the past, too. I'll see what I can do15:40
jaegerLooks like you already got hefurd working, the submodules thing did sound familiar16:04
jaegerI updated the virtualenv used by the bot, it's back up16:04
frinnstno, never restarted it16:23
jaegerwell, it's running :)16:30
jaegerah, I see the server hasn't been rebooted yet16:31
jaegerok, I'll see if I can get hefur built again16:31
frinnstI have a kernel ready. not yet installed16:42
frinnstthought i'd do a reboot with the old kernel first then install a new one16:43
jaegerAlright, hefur is rebuilt16:46
frinnstcool. hold on18:45
frinnsttelinit: /run/initctl: No such file or directory18:47
frinnsthmm that seems familiar18:47
jaegerthink a symnlink from /dev/initctl will do temporarily18:47
jaeger(from memory)18:47
frinnstlets see if it comes back up again18:49
frinnstprevious uptime: 495 days18:50
jaegernot bad18:51
frinnstoh its back18:54
jaegerthat didn't sound good, heh18:54
frinnstresponded to ping ~30 seconds before any services responded18:54
frinnstwonder if a service failed to start up18:54
jaegerOr maybe their monitoring stuff responds to pings before the host is up18:55
jaegerjust a guess18:55
jaegermain site and flyspray look ok, gitweb isn't working18:56
jaegerI have to go for a bit but I can look at it when I'm back if needed18:57
frinnstAlias /gitweb /home/crux/public_html/gitweb yet the dir doesnt exist. wat19:03
frinnstworking again19:05
frinnstback to the expanse :-)19:06
jaegerNice. I'm back now, need me to check anything?20:37
jaegerrelated to server upgrades, I'm working on slightly modernizing an old supermicro 2U server I got from a coworker22:09
jaegerIt has loud-as-hell nidec ultraflo fans, loud-as-hell PSU, 2x opteron 2425 HE, 64GB DDR222:09
jaegerAlready replaced the PSU with a quiet one and replaced the fans with noctua 80mm 1800RPM fans22:10
jaegerGot a supermicro X8DTN+ motherboard coming from ebay. I already have 32GB ECC DDR3 and a bunch of LGA1366 Xeons to choose from22:10
jaegerTook out the SAT2-MV8 SATA controllers, replacing them with my more modern LSI SAS controllers and cutting down a bunch of cable clutter inside22:11
jaegerThe backplane has 3 SFF-8087 connectors but the cards are all SATA ports... so 12 SATA connectors to 3 SFF-8087 connectors22:11
jaegerreplacing those with SFF-8087 on both ends so only 3 cables22:11
pedja'slightly modernizing' indeed :)22:14
jaegerI really only wanted the chassis for its 12 3.5" bays but he didn't want to sell only that22:15
jaegerSo I'll try to resell whatever I can on ebay, I guess22:15
jaegerOr I could ship you the amd parts to give you a more powerful system :D22:15
jaegerWonder what the shipping would be like on that, heh22:15
pedjaknowing the local customs, half a kidney and a leg. but thanks anyway :)22:16
pedjacpu that frinnst graciously sent me never arrived22:23
jaegerbummer :/22:23
pedjathe joys of living in the non-eu country, I guess :)22:25
jaegeraside from replacing fans and PSU I had to do a little bit of surgery (hammer and pliers) on the case itself, it got damaged in shipping22:26
jaegerI filed a claim with UPS because the shipper insured it and UPS told us to get fucked because it wasn't packed correctly22:27
jaegerGuess who packed it22:27
jaegerIf you guessed "UPS" you're correct. Fuck them22:27
pedjathat's weird, they are so gentle and smiling in the commercials I saw :)22:28
jaegerheh, I'm sure22:29
pedjabut propaganda piece about amazon warehouse workers takes the cake in that area22:30
pedjaJohn Oliver, of course, made one about that too :)22:31
pedjathat m/b is 'Enhanced Extended ATX'. never heard of that before22:34
pedjaah, dual socket. makes sense it's huge22:35
pedjasupermicro has some neat stuff. I wonder about its presence here in Europe.22:41
jaegeryeah, they're both gigantic22:41
jaegerI've used quite a few different supermicro systems over the years, they're solid22:42
jaegerboth physically and metaphorically22:42
pedjaafaik, they have a factory in The Netherlands, but I have no idea how often they are used22:43
pedjaHPE and Dell, I think, are huge here22:45
jaegershm              32G   11M   32G   1% /dev/shm <-- kinda fun to see22:45
pedjawhat's the future role for it? part of the vmware cluster?22:47
pedjavsphere thingie22:47
jaegernah, going to be my NAS22:47
jaegerMy current NAS box is one of those HP microservers. It works great but it has no way to expand beyond 4 drives internally22:47
jaegerand I already have an SSD loose in the case as the OS drive, heh22:48
jaegeralso not really easy to rackmount22:48
pedja12 bays? that's a monster :)22:50
pedjazfs, I presume?22:52
jaegercurrently 4x 8TB drives22:53
jaeger <-- the 2U box before I made any changes22:53
pedjain what configuration? mirrors or raidz*?22:54
jaegerwhat's not obvious from this video is that I'm standing right next to my home lab rack. This server is louder than everything else combined22:54
jaegereven after it turns down the fans a little at POST, it's still louder than everything else22:55
pedja"it's very loud". agreed :)22:56
jaegeruploading the quiet one now22:57
jaegeralso you can see the SATA cable spaghetti in there22:57
jaeger <-- after replacing the fans and PSU22:58
pedjathat's quite a difference. cool keyboard, btw23:00
jaegeryeah, night and day difference23:01
jaegerWhen I first received the server I thought, "there's no way I can keep this in my house"23:01
jaegerThanks, I've had that keyboard for years and it's handy to move around23:01
jaegeruses one of those standard logitech unifying receivers23:01
pedjalooks a bit like my k280e, but cooler :)23:04
jaegerIt's a k750 if you want to compare them23:05
jaegerI have an old version of this one around somewhere as well:
pedjasolar-powered, nice23:08
jaegerIt was pretty nice for a membrane keyboard23:08
pedjaspeaking of keyboards, aren't you making another one?23:09
jaegeryeah, a 60% one. I have all the parts but the PCB, which is currently in shipping23:11
jaegerIt's in TX so I suspect it'll arrive in the next couple days23:11
pedjayou are in Michigan, right?23:12
jaegerNah, in OK23:13
pedjaah, OK23:14
jaeger <-- these old opterons aren't too terrible for vulns23:14
pedjaso amd is kicking intel's ass across the board then, old and new stuff :)23:29
pedjaa friend of mine was surprised when I told him that amd, indeed, still makes cpus23:33
pedjabut he admins ibm's zsystems and has a couple of kids, so has no time to keep up :)23:34
jaegerheh, that's fair23:37
jaegerespecially since AMD dragged ass for years in the CPU market23:37
jaegerIt's great to see them back with a vengeance23:38
pedjahopefully, they'll get enough of the server market to get the steady income23:40
pedjaSTH article about new threadrippers has some interesting thoughts about how close they were to make a perfect workstation alternative to intel, iirc23:42
jaegerI've definitely been impressed with both the desktop and threadripper CPUs so far23:47
pedja3900/3950 are almost impossible to get, afaik :)23:48
pedjawhich is both good and bad for amd, I guess23:50
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pedjajaeger, have fun with your new toy :) good night.23:56

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