IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-12-16

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TimB_frinnst jaeger jue I generated and pushed a httpup repo file to contrib.. any better way than deleting it and commit this again?17:16
jaegerthat'd be the easiest thing17:18
jaegerWe could add httpup-related files to .gitignore17:18
TimB_i get confused when working on both my personal httpup repo and contrib at the same time ~.~17:19
TimB_anybody working with java here? I created a port for intellij-idea17:20
jaegerAt some point we've all put something into git we didn't mean to or broken it in some way, it's all good17:22
jaegerNot I17:22
TimB_I needed it for a course, checked out eclipse first but intellij looks much better..17:23
TimB_not that you miss anything with not using java :)17:23
jaegerI used intellij when I briefly did some java dev a few years ago17:26
jaegerliked it pretty well17:26
TimB_i plan to put it in contrib as soon as i am back home and can test it in my lxc container17:27
TimB_i didn't set one up on my laptop and i am back for the weekend, but it seems to work fine17:28
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