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frinnstWorkster: patch for youtube-dl to use python301:09
frinnstquick & dirty, you may want to add some complexity to it :)01:09
frinnstoh, that stuff is required?01:14
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jaegerAll the parts have arrived for my DZ60 DIY keyboard, woo21:59
pedjapcb finally arrived?22:00
jaegerJust today22:01
pedjahow's that monster NAS coming along? more importantly, got a name for it yet :)?22:03
jaegerIt's slowly coming along. Motherboard should arrive today. I have RAM and Xeons already (stuff from my home lab vmware servers) but need to figure out appropriate CPU coolers to fit in the case22:03
jaegerI have the HBAs and disks ready to go as well22:04
jaegerCables should arrive in the next few days22:04
pedjakeeping yourself busy, I see :)22:04
jaegerFor ease of use I will probably just call it the same name as the current one, rama22:05
jaegerBecause then I won't have to change shares or drive mappings, etc. :P22:05
pedjathat's from Clarke's book, right?22:05
jaegeryes, exactly :)22:06
jaegerMost of my systems are named after fictional spacecraft22:07
pedjaThe Culture series has some awesome ship names, but they are too long for a hostname22:07
jaegeryeah, there are quite a few of those... halo had some great ones, for example, or the mass effect series22:07
jaeger"Truth and Reconciliation"22:07
jaegerI'll check out the culture series, always open for more sci-fi22:08
jaegerThe Expanse has a few decent names22:08
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pedjaI am at book 3 of The Culture series atm. 1st one was meh, 2nd is better, 3rd is interesting so far :)22:13
pedjarumor has it that either AppleTV or Amazon are doing a tv show based on them, iirc22:14
pedjawell, one of them22:15
pedjaAsimov's Foundation is in the works, too. Wasn't sure about that, and then they hired Jared Harris22:17
jaegeralways a good choice22:17
pedjayeah :)22:17
pedjatbh, I am more curious about Scalzi's The Old Man War tv show22:22
pedjamilitary space opera could be fun22:23
pedjaor Bezos can buy the rights and bring Stargate back :)22:24
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Worksterbison download is 403 forbidden23:26

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