IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-12-23

jaegerpedja, frinnst, joacim:
jaegerI'm very happy with how it turned out.01:55
TimB_jaeger: nice! it looks like it supports iso, doesn't it?01:55
jaegerIt does, yeah.01:55
TimB_pudding caps look nice01:55
TimB_since i killed my tada, i might go for something like that01:55
jaegerYeah, I like those a lot. The lettering on the top doesn't shine through but I mostly touch-type so that's no big deal. Using it right now, in fact01:55
jaegerAh, bummer.01:55
TimB_might still revive it, just some badly lifted pads. traces might be too damaged though, not sure01:56
TimB_at that point, i might need to seek help01:56
jaegerWorth a look at least01:56
TimB_but dz60 looks nice, great build01:57
jaegerThanks! Like I said, very happy with it. My first one was a GH60 and I went with all the cheapest stuff I could, basically. This second one was a similar project but with nicer parts01:57
jaegerAnd front LEDs which the previous one didn't have. Though the GH60 supports them and I might add them later because this one turned out well01:58
jaegerI used cheaper snap-in stabilizers and knockoff gateron browns on the old one... cherry stabilizers and cherry browns on the new01:58
TimB_i feel like lubing the stabs a bit does do some good against rattling01:59
jaegerIt can, yeah02:00
TimB_but cherry stabs don't rattle much, i employ them in all my boards as well. i don't have any with screw in tho, are they any better or worse?02:01
jaegerThey're definitely better. I don't notice much by way of rattle with either type, personally, but I do notice that taking the spacebar off my GH60 will pop the stabilizers out most times02:02
jaegerJust a small annoyance, because it's trivial to push them back in even without removing anything else02:03
jaegerThat'll never happen with the screw-in ones02:03
jaegerI also don't bother snipping the opposing "feet" off the stabilizers like some people recommend.02:03
TimB_i did that, out of curiosity. didn't make any difference for me either, lubing otoh was worth the effort imo02:04
jaegerI've typed on someone else's keyboard with that done and didn't particularly notice a difference. I'm not cool enough for that, hehe02:04
jaegerYeah, more benefit for lubing them02:04
TimB_ah, you never know for sure if you don't try it yourself in a safe environment. that didn't kill my tada, that's for sure :D02:04
TimB_i was already all invested with lubing every god damn switch in my wooting one02:05
TimB_they do tend to squeek, which is so annoying02:05
TimB_i had to do that :D so while i was in there spending the afternoon, i decided to do the "full treatment". placed dampening mats in the case, stabs.02:06
TimB_nice about the wooting: it can act as an xinput device with full analog input support, even on linux02:07
TimB_for working i would still choose anything with qmk over that02:07
jaegerThat does sound pretty cool02:12
jaegerQMK is great, though, yeah02:12
TimB_bummer, the faceplate only supports ansi, i need a metal workshop02:12
TimB_dz60 kit that is02:12
jaegerthere are ISO ones out there, I imagine they're probably a standard size but would do some research first02:13
TimB_wooting has a sdk based on rust iirc and offers a firmware configuration utility as an appimage02:13
TimB_nice, thanks for the link02:13
TimB_sounds promising02:13
jaeger makes things nice and easy for this one :D02:14
jaegerI chose the dz60 default layout and tweaked only the things I didn't like02:14
TimB_yeah that tool is great02:14
jaegerIt's 3 AM there, be careful with impulse buys! :D02:15
TimB_yeah no :D02:15
TimB_i spent some money the past days on other stuff, no spending money left for that02:15
TimB_btw, that reminds me, i still wanted to pay a bill before i forget to :D02:16
jaegerheh, good to pay bills02:16
TimB_money that could've been spent on a keyboard :< oh well02:16
TimB_on my priority list i would like to get 2x10TB wd reds first tbh02:17
TimB_sick of moving stuff02:17
jaegerWell, you've got a working keyboard currently so that's not a high priority, at least02:18
TimB_plus a tada that i just would need to spent some time on to fix02:25
TimB_but you know, the rabbit hole is real02:25
jaegerNo doubt02:26
TimB_damn, there was a great board coming out somewhere from the uk i think, was around 120€ and had everything you could dream for. 65% iirc, but i didn't bookmark it (why..)02:29
jaegerthat's pretty steep, though02:30
TimB_i think it said december or january..02:30
TimB_you think? it was prebuilt and ready to click02:31
TimB_or clack, depends i guess :P02:31
jaegerOh. I thought you meant the PCB only because you said board02:31
jaegerI wasn't thinking "keyboard" :)02:31
TimB_sorry, no :) the whole keyboard02:31
jaegerThat seems more reasonable02:33
TimB_ah well, i know i found it on geekhack via reddit, but i don't find it right now02:38
TimB_if not, other mothers have pretty daugthers as well or something along the lines02:39
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