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TimB_interesting. I was rechecking some stuff i recently pushed to contrib and python3-ruamel-yaml behaves weirdly. it produces a different footprint with every build O.o15:35
jaegerThat's always fun... go does that sometimes15:36
TimB_he, ok, so i am not still drunk from the past days15:40
TimB_i deleted those files in question. if the user has prt-get configured to ignore new files it works fine this way15:40
jaegerIt's always only new files?15:41
TimB_if they are not added to the original footprint: yes15:41
TimB_so either once (i imagine for an update) they won't appear. on the first build however they would be there15:41
TimB_I have no idea what logic decides when to generate them15:41
jaegerusually when something alters the footprint every time it's built it's something dumb like slightly changing the permissions mask15:42
jaegerwhich results in new and missing both15:42
TimB_just discovered it and I am not much in the mood to investigate further at this point15:42
TimB_i had that the other day with openjdk8-openjfx15:42
TimB_if it sees a library in JAVA_HOME it will stop the build15:42
jaegerthat's how go manifests it, very annoying15:42
TimB_had to deploy a pre install that will move the file if it exists15:42
TimB_if there is a better approach.. i am open to make the port better15:43
jaegerNo idea, just saying yuck to odd workarounds in general :)15:43
TimB_yeah, i understand that :D15:44
jaegerpython3-ruamel-yaml seems to build fine if it's not installed but fails if it is15:51
TimB_yeah i am preparing a push, some ports had redundant readmes and such as well15:53
TimB_jaeger: done15:55
TimB_looking at the diff, it might be cython related15:59
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jaegerThe problem I was seeing is different. I don't build ports as root, using fakeroot instead. There's a permission denied issue with the previously-installed one when using "pip3 install ."18:16
TimB_That's good to know, pip must try and write stuff outside the pkgmk_work_dir it seems18:20
jaegeryeah. I can post a log if you like18:21
TimB_fakeroot is good in uncovering this kind of shananigans it seems18:21
TimB_sure, I'll take that18:21
jaegerindeed :)18:21
TimB_have you tried --user like it says?18:27
jaegernot yet, was about to18:27
TimB_i imagine it sets it to the work dir of fakeroot18:27
jaegerpretty sure that's python, not fakeroot reporting that18:27
TimB_might be tho, it tries to write to /usr/lib/python3.7 directly18:28
jaegeryeah, --user tells it to install into the user's homedir, that's not gonna work18:28
jaegerNEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       home/builder/.local/lib/18:28
jaegerNEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       home/builder/.local/lib/python3.7/18:28
jaegerI tried using the older 'python3 install' method and it bitched about that, too :P18:29
jaegersaid "you have to use pip install ."18:30
TimB_jaeger: can you try this?18:33
jaegerThat seems better. New footprint but it seems to build every time now18:35
jaeger(new footprint only once, I mean)18:35
TimB_yeah, one file is missing for me as well18:35
TimB_okay, great18:35
TimB_pushed the change, thanks jaeger18:39
jaegerno problem :)18:39
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