IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-12-30

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frinnstRomster: if you want to maintain something of mine, just ask. you can have it12:44
Romstersorry i thought you were just busy over the holidays, it's been awhile and you are usually on top of the updates.13:44
Romsterfrinnst, ^13:44
Romsteri am fine with you maintaining what you have. just thought you got to much on your plate atm is all :)13:45
frinnstno worries. just had it committed for a while but never pushed13:58
Romsteroh sorry about that13:59
Romsteranything else you got committed not pushed?13:59
Romsteri'm just trying to get crux up to date and clean up anything broken14:00
Romstersince i got time currently and i am generally behind14:00
Romsterand i know others have family and stuff this time of year14:00
Romsterdiff -u eglplatform.h /usr/include/EGL/eglplatform.h |wgetpaste14:19
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteron libglvnd#1.3.0-1.pkg.tar.xz14:19
Romsterdo we still need that header?14:19
pedjaRomster, .au still having trouble with all those fires?14:31
Romsteryeah we got fires everywhere14:35
Romsternot all under control and today was a total fire ban and we had a lightning storm so more fires14:37
Romstermesa3d built fine with the default header file in libglvnd 1.3.014:37
Romsteri'll wait for others to read and give input on that or update it while i'm asleep14:38
Romstereither works14:38
jaegerlibglvnd 1.3.0 is not tagged as a release for what that's worth16:17
jaegerI've had one segfault from a 3d app since upgrading but I haven't been able to duplicate it so not sure if it had anything to do with libglvnd16:38
jaegerYeah, still can't reproduce it17:34
jaegerRomster: yeah, the header is just pulled from mesa3d as it's newer than the one in libglvnd17:34
jaegerpresumably nvidia will update it in libglvnd at some point17:34
jaegerUntil then I've just been pulling it from the latest mesa3d tarball and adding it17:35
jaegerI'll push a libglvnd update with the mesa3d 19.3.1 header after work17:35
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