IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2020-01-03

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TimB_Romster: libcap-32 fails for me for go (again f-ing go) GOLANG=no fixed that11:45
frinnstgo seems fun to maintain :)12:37
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frinnstguess I dont need to test-run any of those packages anymore, jue :)15:00
frinnstdamn you're quick!15:00
juesorry :)15:11
Romsteroh it's go damn it15:12
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TimB_grep 3.4 fails for me20:09
TimB_ this is with grep 3.420:10
TimB_just invoking grep seg faults20:10
TimB_strace shows access("/etc/", R_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)20:10
frinnstchecking for crtdefs.h... Segmentation fault (core dumped)20:11
TimB_might not be why it fails because it opens after that20:11
frinnstworks here20:11
frinnstyeah thats a red herring20:11
frinnstyou will get that with everything pretty much20:12
TimB_i noticed that :>20:13
TimB_you can't reproduce that frinnst?20:13
TimB_damn, revdep comes back clean20:13
frinnstthe segfaults during configure is odd20:13
frinnstit would suggest something else is very wrong20:13
TimB_it segfaults even when just running grep on its own20:13
TimB_I'll look what my lxc container says about it20:14
jaegerno segfaults here in a fresh container20:15
TimB_for me neither.. weird. is it go again? ;>20:16
TimB_i took the grep that build from my container and it works.. i wonder what happend20:17
TimB_it doesn't link against pcre on my desktop but inside the container20:18
TimB_why would it do that? O.o20:18
TimB_it's just grep as well, both egrep and fgrep work20:23
jaegerany funky cflags?20:27
TimB_CFLAGS="-march=x86-64 -O2"20:28
TimB_not really20:28
jaegernot seeing any issues on this physical host either, seems fine20:29
TimB_the config log is too long and contains way too many errors to make sense of it...20:33
TimB_18k lines... nice20:33
TimB_I'll check if the same happens on my notebook20:34
jaegerwhat kernel version?20:34
jaegerI'm running 4.19.81 here20:34
TimB_same on my notebook, lol20:35
TimB_desktop and notebook are both similiarly bloated /me hides20:35
TimB_works fine on two other crux machines20:37
TimB_must be something of the bloat i am carrying around..20:37
TimB_ can anyone make sense out of that though?20:38
jaegersetgid on /usr?20:38
TimB_i don't really remember setting it.. :^20:41
jaegerIs it that way on both hosts?20:43
TimB_oh, nevermind. I know how this came to happen :D20:43
TimB_oh, this was on another machine completly20:43
TimB_grep works there20:43
TimB_it's on my nas, and i believe it was because not all machines share the same groupid for pkgmk group20:44
TimB_sure looks like i overdid it there. not sure about grep though.. I can't find the culprit but it works for me20:49
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