IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2020-01-04

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jueTimB_: FWIW, I'm building every port on 4 very different machines before I commit to core10:38
jueTimB_: do you have libsigsegv installed? I saw that gentoo explicit disable it for grep10:39
TimB_i do10:41
TimB_let me check on my other boxes10:41
TimB_jue: that could be it10:42
TimB_jue: can confirm, a box that didn't have it now has the same problems with grep when it's installed (and grep rebuild)10:44
jueyep, that is it, if I install libsigsegv grep builds fine but segfaults10:45
jueare you sure that grep isn't linked against libsigsegv?10:46
jueldd /usr/bin/grep10:46
TimB_nice. haven't checked gentoo for that10:47
TimB_ldd was empty for me with libsigsegv around10:47
juefor what do you need libsigsegv, what is dependent on it?10:52
TimB_clisp for texlive10:53
TimB_apropo texlive, whats the status with teK_? O:) no replies whatsoever10:55
TimB_ I added that for him but i don't really expect a reply at this point10:56
jueTimB_: can you confirm that grep works if libsigsegv is not installed?10:57
TimB_jue: yes, i have continued using and working a "non sigsegv grep-build" on my "malfunctioning system"10:58
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frinnstRomster: have you tried upgrading libfm on a running system?20:53
frinnstnot sure wtf "make install" is doing but I cant get it to create a package when 1.2.4 is installed20:54
frinnst1.3.0.2 also failed. so I tried 1.3.0 - that worked. then and then finally built20:55
frinnstwith 1.2.4 installed:
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