IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2020-01-06

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Romstercmake nss new updates12:53
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frinnstodd, no ck4up notifications on those17:25
frinnstwhat uses nss/nspr these days?17:30
frinnstiirc chromium did but that port was dropped17:30
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TimB_ frinnst: prominently i would say qtwebengine, openjdks, networkmanager, mate17:35
TimB_firefox still shows up in the list (the not -bin version)17:35
frinnstah right thats still in contrib17:35
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Worksterof course i try to update firefox source version last night no tarball it gets released while i am asleep22:10
Workstermaybe thunderbird too?22:10
Worksteras there is a -bin and source of that22:10

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