IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2020-01-07

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TimB_Romster: do you plan on bumping libfilezilla/filezilla as well? Otherwise I can do it now09:05
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RomsterTimB_, i was just fixing the missing dep, go for it11:12
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TimB_sure, will do asap11:30
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TimB_ <- this can be closed I think12:41
TimB_ as well?12:42
TimB_ should be recently fixed as well12:44
TimB_ this probably actually should be a wiki page12:46
TimB_Romster: this one is yours and done already as well12:47
TimB_i went ahead and closed #1781 with the corresponding git commit. seems like the tasks should've been closed but the hook didn't work or something?12:53
ryuoi kinda think crux would do well with a system like github.12:54
ryuogives the community a chance to contribute through "pull requests".12:54
ryuobut i wouldn't want to host anything important on github.12:55
ryuoit's turned more political since Microsoft buyout.12:55
TimB_there is gitlab as well12:55
ryuoit means you'd have an easier way of handling community involvement from people that don't want to go through the whole approval process.12:56
TimB_pull requests would be nice though, also the project stuff like a kanban board would be nice - e.g. moving to python312:56
TimB_ our python3 thread12:57
ryuomain sticking point is where to host this. an established service that people already have accounts on would be ideal but not one that might be a sore point later.12:57
ryuogitlab, github, bitbucket...12:57
ryuooh yea.12:58
TimB_personally i don't care too much about the microsoft/github story12:58
ryuothat place that hosts libreboot.12:58
ryuoyea, github's started blocking developers because of political reasons.12:58
TimB_oh yeah?12:58
TimB_did i miss that?12:58
ryuoyea. US trade embargos.12:58
TimB_i thought everybody was just butthurt for "micro$oft buhuhu"12:59
ryuocrux has users from a lot of random places.13:01
ryuosuch restrictions over stuff that's not even remotely related to commercial or other activity...13:01
ryuothat's something to avoid.13:01
TimB_oh wow, thats something13:03
ryuowelcome to the reality of the US. these trade sanctions can get really stupid.13:03
ryuoa lot of times they try to effectively make it a ban on any kind of association with the sanctioned countries.13:04
TimB_yeah that's wild13:05
ryuoread what happened to bobby fisher even.13:05
ryuohe became a fugitive because he ignored a travel ban or something so he could go to a chess tournament.13:06
TimB_yeah that's just stupid..13:07
ryuoi mean, a chess tournament... we're not talking about supplying them with actual supplies that could somehow help them do something nefarious.13:10
ryuoat most some money for their economy.13:10
ryuoit's no different than any kind of entertainment convention really.13:11
TimB_and it's not like you have 1000s of fans traveling w/ you, like with football or whatever13:12
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