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ryuostenur: incidently i've discovered repos that don't have a master branch. their default is named something else.00:26
ryuoso the master branch must just be the default name for the default branch.00:26
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jaegeryeah, master is the default but not required01:35
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RomsterA code execution vulnerability exists in the directory rehashing functionality of E2fsprogs e2fsck 1.45.4. A specially crafted ext4 directory can cause an out-of-bounds write on the stack, resulting in code execution. An attacker can corrupt a partition to trigger this vulnerability.11:01
Romsterjaeger, openexr and ilmbase have CVE's and in need of an update11:03
RomsterOpenEXR 2.3.0 has a memory leak in ThreadPool in IlmBase/IlmThread/IlmThreadPool.cpp, as demonstrated by exrmultiview.11:03
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frinnst" This is probably not exploitable on 64-bit platforms, but may be exploitable on 32-bit binaries depending on how the compiler lays out the stack variables."13:26
jueRomster: FTR, according to the release notes of e2fsprogs the bug you mentioned is only exploitable on 32-bit systems13:30
jueoops, I'm too late ;)13:30
frinnstyou snooze you lose!13:38
Romsteri didn't dig that deep13:42
stenurryuo: yes, sure. But the "head" of CRUX moves from release to release, so they cannot automatize it, can they?14:23
stenurLooks shitty over and over again. imho.14:23
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jaegerRomster: openexr 2.3.0 seems to be the latest version, are you saying that one has the mem leak or fixes it?16:39
jaegerI wonder if anything actually needs openexr or ilmbase anymore16:39
pedja2.4.0 is the latest one, fixes 2 cve's too16:40
jaegerah, just not updated on, then16:41
jaegerwill have to change ck4up to the github pages16:41
pedjaacademy software foundation github16:42
pedjathe web site lags behind sometimes, as you found out :)16:42
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jaegerlooks like ilmbase is replaced by openexr so that's nice17:04
pedjareally? cool, that was a PITA :)17:05
pedjafrom what I remember, ilmbase is a bit fiddly. not as fiddly as openimageio, thou :)17:06
pedjathe joys of many, many blender dependencies17:07
jaegeroh, right, that's what uses these... I'd forgotten17:08
jaegerbuilding openexr with high thread count uses a LOT of RAM/swap, wow17:14
jaegerIt went 6GB into swap on a host with 16GB RAM and -j3217:14
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pedjathey are using azure pipelines for CI, I wonder how beefy those servers are :)18:31
pedjathey are building in centos7 container, amongst others. the last release build was ~6min18:32
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