IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2020-01-10

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ryuojaeger: would a pkgfile parser addon to the pkgutils library be useful at all? i was thinking of ways to safely process the shell variable data as well.03:07
ryuomainly this would allow automated data extraction from source files.03:08
ryuobeyond what prt-get is currently capable of03:08
ryuowordexp seems very useful here.03:09
ryuoit does most of word a shell would do and i can disable command substitution to improve the safety of it.03:09
ryuo(since command substitution can be used to execute arbitrary code)03:10
ryuoand i can't see this being used much in the regular portion of a pkgfile03:10
ryuobefore the build function03:10
ryuonot perfect, but it's something.03:10
ryuobefore i was thinking i'd have to fork a shell to do all this.03:11
ryuonow i think i could do a 90-99% solution with wordexp.03:11
ryuodo it all in process and avoid the whole fork overhead.03:11
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