IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2020-01-13

jaegerblah, the rootfs on the ISO is only going to keep getting larger. I'm going to go ahead and switch it to the squashfs style soon, I think03:54
jaegerWill give it some more thought tomorrow03:55
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frinnstyeah its hard do avoid. we live in bloated times09:03
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Romstertime to trim out packages on the iso?14:03
ryuojaeger: is that really a concern? as long as it stays below a single layer DVD-R I don't see it being a problem.14:34
jaegerIt's an annoyance. The whole thing is loaded into RAM so I try to keep the size of the required tmpfs as small as it can be, but that has to keep increasing15:22
frinnst3.5 requires more ram to install than to run, for example16:19
frinnstor was it 3.416:19
frinnsta lot more16:19
jaegerYeah. I've said before that I think it made sense in the past to do that but not so much anymore as the rootfs has gotten larger16:24
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jaeger <-- a list of ports in contrib which still use /usr/man in their .footprint, for reference19:09
TimB_if nobody cares, i volunteer to go over them19:09
TimB_also i posted some flyspray issues some days earlier that should be closeable, but they are still open. i have the rights in flyspray to do that - but am i allowedß19:10
jaegerspeaking of going over them, I'm going to remove Packager: lines that reference me in ports for which I'm not the maintainer. They aren't useful19:13
jaegerTimB_: No objections from me19:13
TimB_jaeger: i usually use that line just out of respect for the ground work done basically19:14
TimB_but yeah, it's not helpful indeed19:14
TimB_i would be willing to drop them in all ports.19:14
TimB_frinnst, jue: ^ objections against me going over the list of ports that still use /usr/man?19:15
TimB_also: some of them really might be better off in an attic repo - i wonder how much of them are outdated/broken/whatever19:15
TimB_what would be the policy in handling such cases?19:15
TimB_i mean, i have already been altering Pkgfiles of Alan where i saw fit in contrib (he gave me a permission and i usually write a little note via mail), tek (still no response whatsoever) and a few stuff of people that left contrib long ago19:17
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