IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2020-01-15

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jaegerAnyone else see this when updating sysklogd?
jaegerI only see it on one system, not sure what's up17:59
jaegerEverywhere else it worked fine17:59
juejaeger: saw this only one time on a very slow system, could fix it with -j118:16
juebut this was with an older/beta version of sysklogd18:17
jueso I'm a bit surprised18:18
juethe author fixed(?) that with
teK_Romster: will start looking at the ticket over the next couple of days18:27
teK_+ hello everybody! :-)18:27
juehi teK_ :)18:28
teK_my ryzen-based buildbeast[tm] is not yet ready, though :>18:28
ryuoteK_: here for your annual visit? :>18:50
teK_it's a little early in 2020 for that, dont you think :>18:52
ryuoteK_: i dunno, see you next January?18:56
teK_time will tell18:56
TimB_jaeger: i was afraid to mention that because i feared sifuh would know if i do19:41
TimB_but i do see it as well over here19:42
frinnstyay my evenings work only took 15 minutes19:46
frinnstnow back to procrastination19:47
jueTimB_: what do you see, the build error with sysklogd?19:59
TimB_jue: sorry, yes.20:00
TimB_jue: while you are around, any objections on me going through contrib ports that still use /usr/man?
jueno objections20:02
TimB_frinnst: ^ ?20:02
TimB_and a question: what about any of those that are broken or unmaintained? take a list for later or is there a general policy?20:03
TimB_just in regards to those on the list right now20:03
TimB_jue: that worked for me, thx (sysklogd)20:28
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jueTimB_: np, my suggestion is to remove the broken ports that are unmaintained20:57
jaegerjue: yeah, -j1 fixes it. Very odd20:58
TimB_jue: i would opt for the same, to be honest. otherwise, really, it would be kind of nice to keep these around, just not in contrib?21:01
TimB_the attic repo idea has been discussed before, i mean, it wouldn't really hurt, would it?21:01
jaegerpersonally, I'd rather see unmaintained stuff removed so it's not just clutter21:11
TimB_ok. i will hopefully have time to begin soon21:16
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