IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2020-01-16

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frinnstlooks to be assigned wrong06:59
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TimB_frinnst, Romster: it works for me07:39
TimB_if that's about cross-compiling, do we even care to downgrade for that or is that a scenario where the user would downgrade himself?07:39
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TimB_ i feel like this is neither high priority or has a big impact on regular users.07:42
jueTimB_: could you do me a favour and replace 'make -j1' with 'make V=1' and post the result?09:11
juethat's for sysklogd09:11
TimB_jue: sure, i'll get back to you in ~2h09:54
TimB_thanks to ipv6:
TimB_jue: ^09:57
jueTimB_: thanks :)10:57
Romsterfrinnst, nss-32 3.49.1 - nss 3.4911:16
Romsteri don't even run arm so i can't test that meson breakage.11:17
ryuoi'll look at the source.11:22
ryuoone difference already stands out as suspicious.11:25
ryuobut it's for a clang file.11:25
frinnstah sorry, didnt catch it was a cross compile11:52
TimB_so, can i close it?12:02
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TimB_jue: i am still experiencing problems with sysklogd, but it's lacking one of the executables that are used in /etc/rc.d/sysklogd14:39
TimB_klogd is missing14:39
TimB_wait, i fucked up :)14:45
TimB_Romster: contrib/dia uses /usr/man, fails for missing �pythonas a dependency and then fails again with python around for something. large log:
TimB_Romster: denyhost works, but uses /usr/man and current version is 3.1, also depends on python2, might be upgradeable?15:01
TimB_teK_: dsniff doesn't build ./ssh.c:244:26: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type 'RSA' {aka 'struct rsa_st'}15:08
TimB_same problem with /usr/man15:08
TimB_teK_: fbshot seems permanently down? same problem with mandir, can not build15:10
ryuoTimB_: dsniff needs to be updated for the new openssl API.15:21
ryuoseems to be an unmaintained thing.15:21
TimB_last version 200215:22
TimB_contrib/grml-crypt is my favorite. it creates the /usr/man dir but never places files in there :>15:33
TimB_aaaand i am trying networkmanager in a container to see if it fails for something thats missing16:26
ryuojaeger: is there any interest in providing isos that can boot from uefi 32 bit? grub2 can support it alongside uefi 64 bit afaik.19:07
ryuojaeger: the few systems i've seen with it (select baytrail devices) support 64 bit mode so it's only needed in early boot. they can boot 64 bit kernels just fine.19:08
jaegerIn my opinion, no... they're not common enough to cover19:37
jaegerI'm only aware of the bay trails you mentioned and early macbook pros that do this19:41
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TimB_frinnst: ^ the op says it's indeed a meson regression23:22

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