IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2020-01-17

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frinnstsomething for romster to keep an eye on then01:34
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jueTimB_, jaeger: the author of sysklogd asked me to test the following patch (should fix the build errors):09:29
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TimB_jue: will try it out in a second09:41
TimB_jue, installed and booted fine09:45
TimB_still, lxc-net startup script fails for some reason with the newer sysklogd09:45
TimB_but the container i usually use starts fine in unpriv mode. networks works as well.. no idea yet what this is about09:47
TimB_looks to me like its iptables related. but when i downgrade sysklogd it just runs fine again. weird09:49
juehmm, sounds strange10:02
juewhich version works, 2.0.x or even older?10:03
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TimB_2.0.x, last before that, but i haven't started debugging it yet. rc reports an error, when i try to start it manually it complains it's already runing11:08
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jaegerjue: does that also fix klogd disappearing?20:26
TimB_jaeger: i had to rejmerge, the new rc-script doesn'�t use klogd anymore20:31
jaegerah, ok. Hadn't dug into it yet20:32
jaegerI actually use rsyslog almost everywhere but I leave sysklogd installed so noticed some build funk but wasn't too stressed over it20:33
juejaeger: no, as of version 2.0 the klogd functionality was integrated in syslogd and klogd got removed with version 2.120:53
juejaeger: sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier20:54
juethe patched sysklod version, I've posted today, only fixes the parallel build issues20:56
jaegerok, got it. I should have looked more closely20:57
juethe new maintainer of sysklogd is doing a great job IMO21:06
jueand we are not alone, gentoo uses his version too21:07
juejaeger: have you had the time to test my patched version on the system that failed yesterday?21:19
jaegerJust now, yeah. It seems to work, built 5 times without error21:21
jueok, great, thanks a lot :)21:21
stenurjue: i did not notice; then wouldn't it be better to add the -s or even better -ss flags to syslogd by default? Protected by firewall too, likely, but .. ooops!  I did not realize this.21:26
stenurCool, no more rotatelog or trying to find time to port newsyslog! His init system also looks pretty cryptic but cool!21:43
stenurhm, now what :) i cannot restart the daemon. :)21:47
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