IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2020-01-20

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prologicFreeBSD kind of reminds of CRUX :)01:17
prologicits kinda of a nice system01:17
ryuobetter take a picture of this folks. this is the last time prologic will speak for the rest of the year. :)01:18
prologicsorry I really am :)01:26
prologicI wish I could be more actively involved in CRUX but I have very little time between family and work :)01:26
Romsteri guess cruxbot crashed?01:45
jaegerlooks like, yeah01:46
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TimB_jaeger: you did have vlc installed somewhere, right? and when i remember correctly build against qt5? can you try to rebuild it from current contrib?13:34
TimB_it's on the /usr/man list and i don'�t get it to compile13:35
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TimB_got it, had to disable vdpau13:41
TimB_ ok, i am going to commit them by port, so if anybody got issues with a single commit he can revert it easily14:19
jaegerIt didn't build for me recently but I hadn't dug into it15:25
TimB_i am about to push stuff :)15:27
TimB_still have some ports to commit15:27
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TimB_alright, here goes15:42
TimB_ok, done15:43
TimB_in regards to scribus and vlc, tek might want to double check them :>15:44
TimB_deleted other ports that were flagged as unmaintained..16:07
TimB_ these are the notes i took along the way, if somebody cares :)16:21
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juefrinnst: are you ready to push new libgmp?17:47
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frinnstsorry, late. havent gotten anything useful done the last days23:32
frinnstwill take a closer look tomorrow and push23:32
frinnstlooks ok so far23:33

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