IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2020-01-21

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TimB_contrib/syslog-ng is broken for me, seems unmaintained as well. Delete?08:16
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frinnstlatest release is 3.25.109:06
TimB_it doesn't compile for me09:06
frinnstnot even 3.25.1?09:06
TimB_not even :)09:06
frinnstdid build for me09:09
frinnstjust now09:09
TimB_it failed on bootstrapping some lib09:09
TimB_did you run, i think,
TimB_i have thrown away the changes i did09:10
frinnstno, just ./configure && make09:10
TimB_anyway, unmaintained, what to do with it? can you bump it if it works for you?09:10
TimB_not that tek would care O:)09:10
frinnstcan't push now but yeah09:13
frinnstPkgfile, footprint09:14
TimB_i'll look if it builds09:15
frinnstdidnt tweak --mandir. doh09:15
frinnst--libexecdir=/var/libexec is also a nono09:16
TimB_ lol :D09:16
TimB_how the fuck do you do it? :B09:16
TimB_but yeah, would change that as well09:16
frinnstPkgfile: line 13: cd: syslog-ng-3.25.1: No such file or directory09:17
TimB_its $name-$name-$version for me09:17
frinnstyour talball is fucked?09:17
TimB_maybe, but it looks propper09:17
juefrinnst: ok, gmp 6.2.0 works fine for me too. WRT make 4.3: I rebuilt all core ports yesterday without issues, please do some tests and push, I'm out of town until sunday ... :)09:17
frinnstjue: ack, have fun :)09:17
TimB_ok this works09:18
TimB_frinnst: pushed for now09:26
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TimB_these should've been all10:52
TimB_and it's not all, i try to get the last of them under control now11:01
Romsterso many changes11:05
TimB_it's called procrastinating from other work i believe :)11:10
Romsteroh this is far more important work :D11:11
TimB_sure it is :>11:11
TimB_i can't build fbshot, it seems like the png abi it uses changed11:16
TimB_if nobody reacts on that i'�ll delete it in some days /usr/man problem) (looking at teK_ )11:17
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jaegerIt's very interesting that frinnst's special chars crash the bot :P23:53
jaegerI added some exception handling so maybe I'll see actually why next time23:53
jaeger10:30 <@frinnst> in sweden we say öööööööh23:56
jaegerThat was the line that did it23:56

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