IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2020-01-22

ryuojaeger: probably either malformed input or lack of unicode support.00:04
stenurwoah, unicode.00:05
jaegerYeah. I don't know exactly where the issue lies. Other people have used unicode chars and not crashed it but frinnst's crash it every time00:07
stenuris the code public?00:14
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Romsterfrinnst is special at crashing cruxbot :D14:03
frinnstcant kill it now it seems14:06
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frinnstright, make 4.3 was released a few days ago. anybody played with it yet?15:22
frinnst a few backward-incompatible changes15:22
frinnstinteresting, didnt know about -l before15:25
jaegerUnicodeDecodeError: b':frinnst!~misfit@unaffiliated/frinnst PRIVMSG #crux :\xe5\xe4\xf6\xe5\xe4\xf6\xf6\xe5\xe15:30
jaegerat least now I have some context, before it was just dying15:30
stenurthat is latin1 for sure.15:48
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