IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2020-01-28

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juefrinnst: ok to push make 4.3?10:02
frinnsti think so. but there might be issues10:29
frinnstI didnt see any10:29
frinnstbut i dont have that many ports10:29
frinnstall core ports worked fine atleast10:29
jueyeah, same here, found no issues10:32
juewell, I'd say we go for it, if there are bigger problems we can always revert10:33
juedone :)10:48
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frinnstteK_: mind switching qemu to python3?21:26
frinnstalso, it lacks the python dependency :)21:26
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frinnstphp updated & restarted23:23
frinnstalso git23:29
frinnst(if shit breaks)23:29
frinnstrebooting, new kernel23:38
frinnstup again. cruxbot doesnt autostart?23:48

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