IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2020-02-04

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teK_TimB_: I was not thinking about that while looking at the Pkgfile on my disk. will scrap some time for this in the days to come...23:36
teK_frinnst: re python3: sure. Big fan. let me give it a shot.23:36
teK_someone up for locally bumping gegl to 0.4.20 to see if it works? It fails on me while using pkgmk; manual build is working fine23:37
TimB_teK_: cool cool23:37
TimB_i have an updated jq Pkgfile if you like?23:37
TimB_i created a ticked today because it slams with opt/oniguruma :)23:38
teK_more than a version bump?23:38
teK_let me check.23:38
TimB_jue pushed it a few days ago for php, i guess, in preperation23:38
TimB_jq currently builds and installs it as well23:38
teK_thanks for the hint23:39
teK_I was too lazy to package it separately back then ;-o23:40
TimB_no worries23:42
TimB_i would like opt/texlive taken care of, too, either you want to give it a shot or make it available for adoption in contrib? 2020 is expected to land around april23:43
TimB_also i altered a lot of ports of you last week or the one before, namely vlc and scribus were under the bigger changes, you might want to check them out individually23:44
teK_saw that in the git log @vlc23:50
teK_would have complained if I would have been more active23:50
TimB_yeah it was a long overdue cleanup for the ports that still used /usr/man in general, and was signed of by jaeger and jue23:51
TimB_i made it all in individual commits so it's easy to revert one if you don't like the work23:51
teK_VLC was up to date version-wise23:52
TimB_yeah it was, no complains there, i don't use it myself really, it was just 'on the list'23:53
teK_using it on a daily basis :>23:54
TimB_for me, it's kodi :)23:54

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