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Romsterwhent he heck are you going to pull your finger out teK_ and fix your stuff. and alan, also frinnst are you super busy you can't keep things updated now? you used to be way more on top of things.02:34
Romsterwhen the*02:34
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Romsteri actually did do a patch for pkgmk to detect non-archive files stenur if you are interested in it03:50
jueRomster: keep cool ;-)11:06
TimB_jue: he got a point though O:)11:07
TimB_00:51 < teK_> would have complained if I would have been more active <- in that case that he wasn't active at all, maybe a simple thank you would've sufficed. I wasted a whole day on that chore11:08
TimB_00:44 < TimB_> i would like opt/texlive taken care of, too, either you want to give it a shot or make it available for adoption in contrib? 2020 is expected to land around april <- was left unanswered, as usual11:14
TimB_it's no problem to be short on time, but why on hell prevent others from fixing it for good?11:15
juefixing broken stuff is a different thing, but I don't see a point about beeing excited if cmake is at 3.16.2 instead of 3.16.4, that's my point :)11:46
TimB_yeah but i think it's also an energy release from all the time where stuff get's selectively ignored11:49
Romsterjsut getting frustrated and bugs open for teK for over 6 months11:53
TimB_or years, even :)11:54
TimB_not even commented on is what makes my atoms jump in excitment11:54
TimB_love the ignoring strength11:54
Romsterbusy is one thing but this is ridiculous11:54
TimB_jue:;a=commit;h=492e909814d969b87e5b2769052a58c461139086 upstream obviously changed it's url to github. v0.9.7 was released in 2004..11:56
Romsterfunky i just sorted the bug tracker by maintianer and i see a sql statement11:56
RomsterQuery { SELECT t.*, lc.category_name AS category_name, lvc.version_name AS closedby_version, MIN(u.real_name) AS assigned_to_name, COUNT(DISTINCT ass.user_id) AS num_assigned, p.project_title, p.project_is_active, lst.status_name AS status_name, lt.tasktype_name AS task_type, lr.resolution_name FROM `flyspray_tasks` t LEFT JOIN `flyspray_projects` p ON t.project_id = p.project_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_list_tasktype` lt ON t.task_type =11:56
Romsterlt.tasktype_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_list_status` lst ON t.item_status = lst.status_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_list_resolution` lr ON t.resolution_reason = lr.resolution_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_list_category` lc ON t.product_category = lc.category_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_list_version` lvc ON t.closedby_version = lvc.version_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_assigned` ass ON t.task_id = ass.task_id LEFT JOIN `flyspray_users` u ON ass.user_id = u.user_id WHERE11:56
Romstert.project_id = ? AND ( is_closed <> '1' ) GROUP BY t.task_id ORDER BY u.real_name asc, t.task_id desc, t.task_id ASC} with params {1} Failed! (Expression #1 of ORDER BY clause is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'flyspray.u.real_name' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by)11:56
Romsteruh i should of pastbined that11:56
RomsterAssigned To sorting is broken11:57
TimB_Romster: assigned to me works for me11:59
Romsterweird i did it 3 times with same result...11:59
TimB_yeah just searched for assigned to <somebody else> and it worked as well12:00
Romsterguess it doesn't like me12:00
TimB_no idea about that12:02
TimB_i yesterday discovered that clisp got updated as well, even though only a beta release, but it contains commits over the past 10 years since the last release until 2018 (beta for distro maintainers)12:04
TimB_i needed to update to that version, since the 2010s release didn't build on arm12:04
TimB_teK_: would you please update? :)12:06
TimB_ additional ffcall, scratch --with-pic from there if you like12:06
Romsteri could probably fix that TimB_ or you push the change, just version bumps should be fine.12:07
TimB_it's in opt12:07
Romsterbut open a FS ticket for anything more complex12:07
TimB_it's a dependency for texlive. my port for texlive built without any further changes on CRUX Arm :)12:09
TimB_didn't test it yet, had to uninstall because it was flooding my sdcard :) had only 1% of space left12:09
TimB_but that just raises the question: what do you gotta do to get a good texlive Pkgfile into the portdb?
Romsteri know you can keep it in your repo TimB_ but yeah broken one in opt is a pain.12:11
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TimB_opt is enabled by default, it's just wrong to keep it broken12:12
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TimB_and i know i can keep it in my repo, but that's just silly, isn't it?12:12
jueis opt/clisp broken or doesn't it just work for you?12:14
TimB_it didn't work on ARM, it worked on x86_64 - still..?12:15
TimB_and have you had a look on the rsync changes? it contained some CVE Updates as well12:15
TimB_that's just sloppy, why would he even want to keep his name tag one something that old?12:16
jueoh no, didn't noticed that, patch welcome ...12:17
TimB_Romster already patched that12:17
TimB_but it has been unnoticed for years12:17
TimB_5 years, to be exact, because 1.0.0 was released in January 201512:18
jueyou are speaking about core/rsync?12:18
Romsteri've taken it upon myself to bump old port versions12:18
TimB_12:57 < TimB_> jue:;a=commit;h=492e909814d969b87e5b2769052a58c46113908612:18
Romsterand i fixed opt/librsync and opt/rdiff12:18
jueok, understand, you are still bashing on teK_ ;-)12:20
Romsterand alan12:20
TimB_why bashing though? :(12:20
TimB_i just want CRUX to be better?12:20
Romsterhe is just as bad if not worse12:20
TimB_i have no ill intend against anybody in this room or anywhere else12:20
Romsternot bashing i just want a solution.12:20
TimB_i am happy with alan, he at least replies to mails (usually)12:21
Romstermails yes ports out by many versions not so much12:21
TimB_Romster: well i at least got his permissions to do stuff on his ports and so on. i usually drop a line via mail and get an acknowledgment back.12:22
Romsterwell i do see alan make some commits lately12:22
juewell, that was thought as a joke, and again: keep cool :-)12:23
Romsteri am cool jue :) i know people have a life and this is a hobby12:24
jueTimB_: I'll update clisp and ffcall later today12:25
juehave to go now for some time, later12:25
TimB_jue: ffcall is an additional dependency i added, so maybe you want to ditch it12:26
TimB_jue: laters, and thank you!12:26
Romsteri'll just fix psybnc myself since it's been this long12:33
TimB_i'd vote for deleting it if you won't use it yourself12:33
TimB_there is no need to keep dead weight around, right?12:33
Romsterwell it's teks port12:33
TimB_it's not like he is caring about it12:33
Romsterassigned even12:33
Romsterthat right there is what ticks me off jue ^12:34
Romsterbusy since 2017 :)12:34
TimB_i gave it approx a 1 week warning, got no reply, deleted it, got no response either -> my conclusion: nobody cares/cared12:35
Romsternot sure that is the right thing for active maintainers to remove there ports. then again a weeks notice. don't know, we may need some new guidelines.12:39
TimB_it was effectively not building for me, i didn't see the point in keeping something from 2008 around. i wasn't able to correct the footprint but wanted to resolve the issue of ports using /usr/man -> deleted it12:40
Romsterfair enough12:42
TimB_i mean i posted that gist for everybody to have a look at and make objections, didn't get any feedback at all either:
TimB_Romster: your name appears as well, e.g. denyhost ;D12:44
Romsterah i gotta fix that one12:45
Romsteri know i am not perfect either but i do get to the things.12:45
TimB_lol fluxbox got messed up, seems like i was typing some other document on the side while going through the list ^^'12:46
Romsterjue, i noticed the oh never mind i typed closes wrong :D12:47
Romsterso it wont close that bug12:47
TimB_what, that gsm patch applied for you?12:48
Romsterdidn't i add the patch12:48
TimB_Romster: i noticed that the hook didn't work earlier as well12:48
TimB_13:54 < TimB_> i went ahead and closed #1781 with the corresponding git commit. seems like the tasks should've been closed but the hook didn't work or something?12:49
TimB_frinnst: have you had a look at the gist? i fiddled with contrib/net-snmp which holds your nametag12:50
Romsteri removed that patch TimB_ it (librsync, rdiff) doesn't need it on the new version12:50
TimB_Romster: i was talking about contrib/gsm12:50
Romsteroh hmm i updated that patch and probably forgot to commit it12:51
TimB_you pushed the commit literally while i was looking at it on that gist12:51
Romsteroh i had it committed but i didn't push it yet12:53
TimB_in case of gsm: i was more thinking about deleting it as well. it seemed uncared for and not needed for anything else13:00
TimB_contrib/pjproject depends on it13:00
TimB_which seems outdated and uncared ofr as well13:01
Romsterwine can use it and ffmpeg13:01
TimB_ok, if it brings something interesting to the table for those use cases13:01
Romsteri wouldn't of worried if it didn't, not so sure about pjproject13:04
Romsterpjsua depends on pjproject13:06
Romsterand it's at 2.6 and 2.9 is out this is the thing with alan, seems to be selective in what he updates13:07
RomsterPJSIP version 2.6 is released with UWP & WP8.x support link -- on 26 Jan 201713:08
Romstersince th4en 2.7, 2.7.2, 2.8 and now 2.913:08
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jueTimB_: done15:57
TimB_jue: thanks15:58
TimB_do you mind me asking again in regards to opt/texlive?16:02
TimB_it's been so long ._.16:02
jueI'll write a email to teK_16:08
TimB_jue: he was actually online a few days ago, i think you weren't present at the time16:09
TimB_teK_: in regards to the gegl question that is shown in the chat log: gegl operations work inside gimp after updating for me, so i'd say it's ok to bump as well16:27
TimB_revdep also comes back clean16:28
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frinnstcome on Romster, atleast give me a day to push it21:30
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