IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2020-02-12

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Romsterstenur, the actual dns itself ewww11:49
Romstertunnel it11:49
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stenurRomster: hm. Likely ports 80 and 443 only, i would say. It has happened a lot of times (i excess the limit each and every month), but mostly when browsing or downloading things.  ssh and nntp are the only other protocols here, usually, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP only very rarely), and those bytes are a drop in the bucket.19:17
stenurTunnel, yeah, i proxy everything over SSH via SOCKS5. Except port updates, these are done under root account, and when i forget to use over-SOCKS wrappers.19:19
stenurI wanted to setup a TinC VPN that i could take with me "forever", then the root account could also go via that one. But not yet. Otherwise, i have not looked how proxying of pkgmk would be possible.19:20
stenurRomster: it was just a brain fart of mine anyway. Normally i excess my limit much later, i simply have not looked since i have not expect it.19:21
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