IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2020-02-15

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SiFuhI have a repository I'd like to add. I don't really have a shareable email though
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frinnsthmm should probably enable --with-security-key-builtin for openssh19:32
frinnstbut adds a libfido2 dependency19:32
frinnstlibfido2 depends on libcbor and LibreSSL (alternatively, OpenSSL may be used). On Linux, libudev (part of systemd) is also required.19:36
frinnstmeh, now my patience ended19:36
TimB_frinnst: is it possible to make it optionalally picked up if the stuff is around?19:37
stenurAnd then PAM module, and TimB_ just plugs a stick.19:38
TimB_there already is a pam module for yubikeys that i actually am using ;P it's as convenient as security can get i'd say19:39
stenurIt is not in core, no?  And what about cryptsetup?  You surely use that, then -- is there a way to do this?19:41
TimB_i don't19:41
TimB_and it's not, it's in contrib19:41
stenurAh, ok.  And .. yes.  OpenLDAP is a nice dependency for a PAM module that touches a stick :)19:42
TimB_the company actually got some heat for not opensourcing everything i think19:43
TimB_but meh.. i'm happy with mine19:43
TimB_works with sudo, lightdm login and all kinds of neat stuff :)19:43
TimB_plus i store everything in keepassxc database that is also encrypted using the key :)19:44
TimB_before you ask: i got a physical backup key19:44
stenurI have no idea, really.  I just saw the according OpenBSD commit in 2010/1/[2]? fly by.  And the development of this FIDO thing for OpenSSH, as far as it was public.19:45
stenurAnd that is really _grazy_. :)19:45
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