IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2020-02-23

stenurBtw., i had updates the script to update /etc/{protocols,services}. Now more BSD like, with comments etc. Not so good like the new one from NetBSD, but still.01:09
stenur  kpasswd           464/udp   # kpasswd (Theodore Ts o)01:09
stenur  submissions       465/tcp   # Message Submission over TLS protocol (IESG, IETF Chair, rfc8314) [2017-12-12]01:09
stenurJust in case someone is interested in the updated script.  Data size is much increased, of course.01:09
stenurUpdating is not really necessary, despite some changes, nothing much has changed.01:10
stenurJust so, because on FreeBSD they did an update (and had to revert it again).01:10
stenurGood night.01:11
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