IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2020-02-26

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prologicAnyone played with Packer (by Hashicorp) and CRUX?04:56
prologicWould this work for example (modified of course) for CRUX?04:56
prologicGoal: Automate the creation of VM images based off of CRUX 3.504:56
jaegerI have not05:31
jaegerI use nomad and vagrant pretty frequently but not packer05:32
prologicgotcha no problems05:49
prologicby the looks of it it should be fairly straight forward I think05:50
prologicit seems packer has the ability to enter keystrokes on the booted VM05:50
prologicthe tricky part of course is if the Boot ISO doesn't have networking or SSH it becomes quite hard to go further and let packer do the rest of its job like "inject a script" and "invoke it"05:51
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jueTimB_: sure, patch welcome09:01
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TimB_jue: sure, will get to it soon :)10:44
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