IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2020-02-27

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prologicIs there something funny about CRUX 3.5 in a VirtualBox Guest VM such that I can ssh into it from my desktop, ping it from my desktop, can't ping it from my switch and the guest vm can't reach anything to the outside (networking is all bridged)23:28
jaegerThat's a config I use without trouble. Something borked in the networking, sounds like23:30
prologicindeed this is very strange23:30
prologicI've swapped network cards in the vbox vm to virt-io with no luck23:31
prologiconly thing I can think of is I have my iMac setup with a bridge interface itself23:31
prologicand vbox bridging out via that23:31
stenuri had this with ArchLinux in qemu under CRUX. (ArchLinux 2019.12.01 i think.) Needed permanent ping from outside to get up interface so that pacman could update packaged.23:33
prologicthis is really bizzare23:34
stenurI.e., had a permanent ping to VM, after a while VM could reach outside. But with second long stalls in between.23:34
stenurYeah, really. And pacman rotates its mirror list ...23:35
jaegerboth of those sound like outside the VM issues23:36
prologicYeah this smells like a bug in VirtualBox23:36
prologicfuck I hate vbox sometimes its just the most awful thing23:37
prologicyeap that was it23:37
prologicremoving my bridge on my iMac fixed this23:37
jaegerWere you bridging a wireless interface?23:37
prologicso apparently you can't tell vbox to create a guest VM interfaced bridged to a bdirged on the host side23:37
prologicthe wireless is turned off23:38
prologicso not sure how that would cause issues?23:38
jaegerIt wouldn't in this case, I just ask because wireless bridging doesn't work on like 99.9% of hardware23:38
prologicyeah well here's the funny thing too23:39
prologicmy switch saw a DHCP broadcast from the VM23:39
prologicand gave it an IP23:39
prologicmy host could ssh into it but not ping it23:39
prologicso really smells like a vbox bug to me23:39
prologici.e: don't try to get too fancy with vbox and networking23:39
jaegercould be.23:40
prologicwho knows23:40
jaegerI've not run into that but never tried to bridge a bridge23:40
prologicI couldn't be bothered wiresharing this :)23:40
prologicbridgina a bridge should work though right?23:40
jaegerI wouldn't expect it to23:40
prologicI mean it isn't particularly special23:40
jaegerbridging is janky as fuck23:40
jaegerAt least in linux. Not sure about other OSes23:41
prologicwell this is true too23:41
jaegerSo I would take the stance of "I don't expect this to work but I'm happy if it does for some reason" :D23:41
prologicoh well23:41
prologicif I do end up (btw) creating CRUX 3.5+ VM images23:42
prologicand a Packer config to go along with23:42
prologicanywhere you guys want me to host/publish these?23:42
prologicmight be useful to otehrs23:42
ryuowe already have LXC/LXD images...23:42
prologicthose are just container images no?23:42
ryuoyes. they provide the container's initial fileset.23:43
prologicnot what I meant :)23:43
prologicAlso there is Docker images for CRUX too the new maintainers are looking after23:43
ryuoyes. you meant literal disk images.23:43
prologicI mean VMDK(s) :)23:43
prologicYes :)23:43
prologicbootable ones23:43
ryuocurrently it's just from a script i wrote and gave to TimB_23:44

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