IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2020-02-28

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frinnstjaeger: rsyslog fails to download. new version?14:43
frinnstno, seems to be an upstream fuckup14:43
jaegeryeah... it was available at the time I made the update, now 40414:53
jaegerIf they don't fix it upstream soon I'll repoint to another source URL15:04
frinnstyeah no worries15:04
jaegerIf you need it in the meantime it's on my distfiles mirror too15:04
frinnstI think i have it mirrored already also :-)15:12
TimB_jaeger: did you ever create a port for docker-compose?15:39
jaegerDon't think so but I could if you need one. I think it'd be pretty trivial15:59
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jaegerOh, that's funny... started to make one on my docker VM and found I had already made one after all :P16:09
jaegerThat one just downloads the prebuilt binary, though, I'll make one that builds instead16:11
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jaegerI wonder how many crux users use zsh or fish... should I add those shell completions or just the bash ones?16:17
jaegerAnyway, will take some playing for python deps, etc.16:18
TimB_jaeger: count me in for zsh :)16:27
jaegerI use it on my hackintosh because it's the default in macos catalina, but haven't customized much of anything or played with it deeply16:36
TimB_i suppose i am far away from using all of it's potential, but i've sticked with it for a very long time16:37
TimB_there are still features i have to discover, just like vim :P16:38
jaegeralways :)16:42

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