IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2020-03-08

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juejaeger: please have a look at FS#1788, running 'pkg-config --cflags OpenEXR' returns '-pthread -Iinclude/OpenEXR -Iinclude -Iinclude/OpenEXR'11:30
juethe relative path is wrong, should be '-I/usr/include/OpenEXR'11:31
juejaeger: further I got a lot of missing files, probably python related11:33
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jaegerok, will take a look at it today14:50
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jaegerjue: ok, looks like python isn't a hard requirement, do you need python support or should I leave it out? I don't use openexr anymore, personally15:48
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jaegerI'll go ahead and push the fix for the pkg-config issue now, if you want me to add python support later just let me know16:31
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