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frinnststenur: I assume zlib and lzma for zstd is the ability to decode .gz and .xz archives09:30
frinnst"one frontend to rule them all!" etc09:30
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jaegerWhat is libusb-compat used for/by these days? Anything?15:28
jaegerIt was moved to opt a while back and I never removed it from the ISO packages list15:38
jaegerIt doesn't cause problems, just an error message while building the ISO15:38
juejaeger: IMO for nothing, guess it's save to remove it from our ISO15:45
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jaegerOK, that matches what I'm finding so I'll remove it, thanks15:47
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ryuojaeger: only a few things like cups use libusb.16:39
ryuojaeger: incidently i found out that the usb printer kernel module is suggested to be disabled when using usb cups printers since cups doesn't need it and may actually conflict...16:41
jaegerleaving libusb alone, only touching libusb-compat16:41
ryuoi can't think of anything that needs the older version16:42
ryuomost proprietary software doesn't need to talk to USB stuff16:42
ryuoso what good is it?16:42
juebtw, the cups port disables the usblp kernel module16:53
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stenur@frinnst: for handling those foreign formats i also think. Idea seems to be that you only need the libraries and use zstd (plus links) as a single frontend. Not used this myself. Could be useful on minimal systems, maybe; what bsdtar does for CRUX.18:26
stenurThe plain Makefile system seems a bit undermaintained, i could not find a shorter way than shown in the issue, but at least it can be done without meson and cmake that he also supports.18:36
frinnstpushed a fix with multithreading just now19:07
frinnstNot sure the support for .gz, .xz etc are useful or wanted - for now atleast19:07
frinnstI think the xz dependency is invalid these days as it stand. but I didnt remove it yet19:08
stenur@frinnst: great. The library is not MT like so, but i can live with that.19:16
stenurNot invalid, HAVE_LZMA=1 or so he wants; plain Makefiles do not pick anything up by default.19:18
stenur(More or less, he still requires GNU make and has some conditionals for actively disabling e.g. threading again on Windows, whatever..)19:19
stenurP.S.: i also think that changed; my own now-almost-empty source arena's makefile did not set any HAVE_=x in the past, but i was pretty sure the thing was MT years ago.19:20
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jaegerHrmm... we should probably do an audit of wiki users, some of them haven't been around for a while20:01
ryuofrinnst: is there still opposition to adding MT support for the built crux packages for the final compression phase?20:28
ryuoone of the few things I can see to improve the build time.20:28
ryuothen again most compression algorithms are not multithread safe.20:29
ryuothey make compromises to achieve that20:30
ryuousually they end up consuming more space than single threaded mode20:30
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